What does the ‘B’ of the acronym LGBTQIA+ mean?

There are several spectrums within the LGBTQIA+ acronym, from gender identification to sexual orientation. The term encompasses the way the individual sees himself and his desire for the other is manifested.

The B is assigned to bisexuality, when the subject is attracted to two or more genders, that is, men, women or non-binary people.

The term was used around the 19th century by the German psychologist Richard Von Krafft-Ebing. Until then, bisexuality was associated with hermaphrodites. The orientation gained strength in the 1970s, with the advent of the sexual freedom of bodies, where it gained fields of study in debate and research groups.

Despite this, this part of the LGBT community has always suffered a certain invisibility in the mainstream media and is still hostage to flawed stereotypes.

Are they indecisive people?

One is the ‘classic’ thinking that bisexual people are actually indecisive. This, besides being erroneous, is a prejudiced thought against the whole community; since it invalidates the sexual orientation of the other and sees only isolated experiences.

In addition, being bi is not about being promiscuous, but about affective or sexual desire according to the will of that specific person.

The audiovisual helps

Gradually, major productions such as series and movies have been shedding light on the debate about bisexuality. Some fictional characters, such as Loki – Thor’s brother in the Marvel Universe – have already commented on their love interests and brought more representation to the cause.

After all, the more you see these minorities on TV and in the movies, for example, the more you talk about the subject, making it natural. Already in real life, in the world of celebs, some well-known names have already publicly assumed, among them Pocah, Kéfera, Megan Fox, Gal Costa, Camila Pitanga, Angelina Jolie, Reynaldo Gianecchini have already talked about relating to men and women.

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