Windows 11 22H2: Rufus 3.19 lets you bypass system requirements

With availability forecast for the second half of this year, the Windows 11 22H2 will bring some requirements that can make it difficult to install on certain devices. However, the latest version of rufusreleased on Saturday (25), allows you to bypass the requirements to receive the update, according to the developers.

Now available to Insider members, the 22H2 edition of Windows requires an internet connection and a valid Microsoft Account (MSA) to be set up during installation. Only the education and business versions of the software are exempt from the requirement.

However, home users will be able to install the update bypassing these requirements as long as they use the Rufus 3.19 in the process. The beta of this edition of the bootable pendrive creation tool claims to have the ability to circumvent the demands of the Redmond giant.

The new version of the famous utility was shared by the developers on GitHub, in pre-release, including several other improvements. It can also be used for formatting and creating bootable USB flash drives on memory cards and external disks.

Other requirements that can be ignored

The Microsoft account requirement to install Windows 11 22H2 isn’t the only one that Rufus 3.19 beta promises to overcome. According to those responsible for the tool, it also allows running the compilation on machines that do not meet the minimum RAM and storage requirements.

The utility is still able to bypass the TPM chip requirement at installation. Trusted Platform Module 2.0 is a component that has the function of increasing the security of the operating system, but it is not present in all PCs, resulting in a negative diagnosis when checking compatibility with Windows 11.

In this way, Rufus 3.19 could become an interesting feature for the Windows 22H2 update. The release, which is expected to reach the general public in early September, includes changes to the Task Manager, Taskbar, Start Menu and File Explorer, as well as new accessibility features and several other new features.

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