Young man wakes up thinking he’s 6 years old and tries to report husband for kidnapping

A 29-year-old waitress suffering from amnesia woke up thinking she was six years old and tried to call the police to report her husband for a kidnapping that didn’t exist. The case was registered in the county of Leicestershire, England.

Chloe Barnard, who is married to James Cavill, 39, has suffered from memory problems for years. In conversation with the British tabloid Daily Mail, she said that episodes are usually quick and she “returns to normal” in about 24 hours.

One of the most recent episodes occurred when she had an argument with her husband and went to sleep. When she woke up, she thought she was six years old and didn’t recognize where she was.

“I went down and saw that the stairs had a protective gate. I didn’t recognize the house, but I thought I lived there because I was only six years old and the stairs were protected,” he said.

“My husband was on the couch with the dog, which I didn’t know was mine. I sat on the stairs and said, ‘Who are you and who is this dog? I want my mom and dad,” she said.

On this occasion, James, who has been married to her for nine years, kept his cool and knew what to do. He called her in-laws, who assured her she was safe and asked her to sleep so she could “wake up better” the next day.

“He lay down. I said I wasn’t going to lie down with him and I stood up with a stuffed animal. I tried to call the police, but he took my phone,” he said.

The “solution” the waitress found was to stand “armed” with a wrench.

According to Chloe, she goes through episodes of the type every few months, usually when she’s sleep deprived. In another situation, she had a memory lapse that made her believe that she was 16 years old and had been kidnapped by her husband.

“I have to deal with it, but it tears me apart. Sometimes it takes me a whole week to pull myself together,” he said.

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