10 celebrities who voiced movie characters

To celebrate Voice Artist Day, on Wednesday, the 29th, we’ve put together a list of 10 celebrities who voiced well-known movie characters.

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This Wednesday, the 29th, is the Day of the Dubbing Artist. They are the ones who give the voice to the animated characters or who dub foreign films and series into Portuguese. The date is a tribute to artists who use the talent of interpretation to convey the emotions of their characters through their voices. Remembering that these professionals are also actors and today, we brought here 10 celebrities who have dubbed movie characters that maybe you didn’t know yet. Check it out below.

10 celebrities who voiced movie characters

1. Danton Mello — Jack Dawson (Titanic)

Many may not know, but it was actor Danton Mello who voiced the protagonist Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the classic film Titanic. However, the new dub made for the commemorative edition of the 20th anniversary of the film, who dubs is the voice actor Rodrigo Andreatto.

2. Fernanda Montenegro — Mrs. Calloway (Not in a million years)

One of the most acclaimed actresses in Brazil, Fernanda Montenegro dubbed a “mature” cow, in Disney’s animated feature Nem que a Vaca Tussa. In the cartoon, the actress gave voice to “Mrs” Calloway, one of the three protagonists cows in the story. The sweet Grace has the husky voice of Isabela Garcia and Maggie, the brave and loud has Cláudia Rodrigues, as her voice actress.

3. Tiago Abravanel — Ralph (Wreck it Ralph)

Tiago Abravanel is a former BBC, actor, singer, broadcaster, entrepreneur, presenter and also a voice actor. He lent his voice to the protagonist Ralph in the two feature films (Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Wi-Fi: Breaking the Internet) and also in another famous animation such as Pets: The Secret Life of Animals and the live-action Mowgli: The Wolf Boy.

4. Rodrigo Lombardi — Gargamel (The Smurfs)

Orlando Drummond was the voice for many years of the Smurfs villain for the cartoon, but for the movie The Smurfs and the Lost Village, he is the actor known for being in several Globo soap operas such as Verdades Secretas and Caminho das Índias, Rodrigo Lombardi, the voice behind the villain. The actor confessed that he always liked animation and that he dubbed the film for his son. He has already dubbed 6 other animations, among them are The Princess and the Frog, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and “Zootopia.

5. Samara Felippo — Colette (Ratatouille)

Actress Samara Felippo made her voice acting debut with the character Colette, who is a very self-assured chef. About the dubbing she confessed: “Was a dream. I always wanted to dub a Disney cartoon. This was the first time I did a voiceover and it was wonderful. I had fun, but I also had a lot of trouble because I’m still learning.”

6. Rodrigo Santoro — Stuart Little (Stuart Little)

Rodrigo Santoro is world famous and has participated in productions such as the HBO series, Westworld and Lost and the movie Charlie’s Angels 2. He also has voiceovers on his resume and one of them is from the movie O Pequeno Stuart Little, which he gave the voice to. to the protagonist mouse.

7. Leandro Hassum — Gru (My favorite evil)

Leandro Hassum lent his voice to one of animation’s most beloved and troubled villains, Gru. “Many of my friends don’t know, because how I do the voice, a lot of people don’t know that I dubbed”, said in an interview. He also confessed that he used Gru’s voice to record messages on the answering machine.

8. Fábio Porchat — Olaf (Frozen)

Many don’t know, but the voice of the dear snowman from Frozen is by Fábio Porchat. He even answered a request from an aunt on twitter who asked for an audio of him with Olaf’s voice for her nieces. The same answered the request and the girls believed that Olaf was talking to them on the phone.

9. Sidney Magal — (Happy Feet)

In our list, in addition to actors and comedians, we also added a singer who has already voiced a character. Sidney Magal is the Amoroso penguin in Happy Feet and also in the sequel Happy Feet 2. The first film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature released in 2006. About the film, Magal commented: “The attitude of the penguins in the film represents what we expect from children themselves”

10. Márcio Garcia — Diego (The ice Age)

Presenter and actor Márcio Garcia is the voice of one of the main characters of Ice Age, the saber-toothed tiger, Diego, which he has voiced since the first film released in 2002.

Did you already know of any of the celebrities who voiced the characters?

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