App turns real-life footsteps into gaming movement

a developer of apps is working on a very interesting tool for gamers who want to keep in shape while enjoying their favorite games. The application in question allows using steps taken in the real world to move characters in games such as GTA V, The Witcher 3 and Horizon: Forbidden Westfor example.

The app, entitled STEPLhas been produced by a single dev and works as follows: with the cell phone in their pocket, the player can simulate a walk (even without leaving the place) and this action is converted into movement in the game. Thus, when “walking” in the room, the character on the TV screen replicates the steps taken and walks through the game scenario.

Below, you can check out a little bit of what STEPL is already capable of doing:

On the app’s official website, the independent dev explains that the intention is to deliver a tool that allows players to maintain a healthier life while enjoying their moments of virtual fun. “Play video games and get in shape at the same time”, suggests the app’s YouTube channel description.

In addition to the obvious application focusing on the “healthy life” aspect, the idea also seems to match well with virtual reality devices, such as Oculus Quest and the PlayStation VR. Combined with similar devices, STEPL and other similar initiatives have the potential to deliver an even more immersive experience for gamers — or at least those who aren’t limited to simply shaking their phone to simulate a walk.

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