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The AirTag (Apple) digital tracker helped a man find his stolen car on the streets of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Apple’s tracking devices were instrumental in helping a Canadian to locate the Land Rover vehicle valued at around R$900,000. The case occurred last week, when criminals took the car, which was parked in front of the victim’s house.

Less than three months ago, the man identified as Lorne had another car stolen. So he decided to put three AirTags on his Range Rover Autobiography. The locators were scattered throughout the vehicle: one in the glove compartment, one in the spare tire of the car and a third under the back seat.

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Car was stolen in Canada – Photo: Reproduction / CTV News

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The victim said she used to park her car in her garage. On Wednesday (22) of last week, however, he stopped the Range Rover on the street. The next morning, around 8:30 am, the Canadian was woken up by his young children, who were screaming that the car was gone.

After the scare, the man accessed Apple’s official Search tool (Find My), used to find devices, and discovered the geographic position of each AirTag who was in the car. The location pointed out by the devices was a metal recycling centerin Scarborough, a district of the state of Ontario.

Range Rover was located by AirTags in a metal recycling center, in an industrial sector — Photo: Reproduction / Google Maps

The man went to the place and called the police, but initially the call was not answered. Then he went to a police station, which took action. A spokesperson for Toronto Police confirmed to local media that a tip was received that day. Nine vehicles were found, but authorities gave more information as it is an ongoing investigation.

It’s not the first time Apple’s device has helped a user locate a good. In April, the case of a passenger who used the AirTag to charge the return of a bag lost by an airline became famous.

Apple AirTag is used to locate objects through the Buscar app and does not need a direct internet connection — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

with information from CP24

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Check out 5 free apps that make your life easier

Check out 5 free apps that make your life easier

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