Assembly of God Day is celebrated in the Chamber of Pindamonhangaba

Honored in the session. (Photo: Publicity/CMVP)

With a large audience present and the participation of pastors and evangelists from the city, the City Council of Pindamonhangaba promoted on the night of Monday, June 27th, in the plenary session “Dr. Francisco Romano de Oliveira” the Solemn Session commemorating the Day of the Assemblies of God based in our municipality. The solemn act was carried out through Legislative Decree No. 08, of 2022, and by Request No. 1.957/2022, of June 20, 2022, authored by Councilman Marco Aurélio de Souza Mayor – Marco Mayor (PSDB).

The session was chaired by councilor Marco Mayor and was attended by councilors José Carlos Gomes – Cal (President of the House/Republicans) and Júlio César Carneiro de Souza – Julinho Car (PODEMOS). In addition to the councilors, the Presiding Pastor of the Assembly of God of Pindamonhangaba, Euclides Vaz Júnior, composed the Board of Directors for the festive night; the 1st lady of the Assembly of God Church, Alice Marques Valadares Vaz; the official speaker of the session, Pastor Dirigente Jair Alves; the Pastor Vice-President of the Assembly of God, Valter Rodrigues Braga and the Pastor Director, Allen Valadares Vaz.

The solemn session officially opened with a prayer of thanks led by Pastor Allen Valadares Vaz. Soon after, after reading the biography of the official speaker, Pastor Jair Alves, the president of the Board of Directors, councilor Marco Mayor, gave the floor to the special guest for his speech.
Pastor Jair Alves began his speech praising the unique moment lived in this solemn session and stated that “I feel honored by this rich opportunity that God gives me to be here to talk a little about the history of our Assembly of God Church”.

Jair Alves recalled the trajectory of the arrival of the Evangelical Assembly of God Church in Brazilian lands. “The Assembly of God began in Pindamonhangaba in 1942, on Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso avenue and was led by Pastor João Ferreira do Nascimento”. Another primordial fact remembered by the official speaker happened in 1958, when Pastor João Colenda Lemos and his missionary wife Ruth Dóris Lemos founded and installed in Pindamonhangaba the first Pentecostal Theological School in Brazil, IBAD – Instituto Bíblico das Assemblies of God that currently receives students from the most diverse regions of the country.

Pastor Jair Alves reported that the Assembly of God in Pindamonhangaba currently has 40 times, and its headquarters are located at Rua Cônego Tobias, 168, in Alto Tabaú and today it works with thousands of members in our city.



Shortly after Pastor Jair Alves’ speech, the Pindamonhangaba council promoted tributes to the personalities and leaders that represent the Assembly of God Churches of Pindamonhangaba. Pastors, evangelists and members of the Congregation received the honors of the House. Diplomas of Honor to Merit were awarded to: Gilberto Salgado Ferreira, Jorge Donizete Domingos, Sebastião Pedro da Silva, Severino Manoel de Oliveira, Roque Silva Souza, Manoel Raimundo dos Santos, Maria Natália Silva, Elenita Aleixo do Amaral Silva, Luzia de Lourdes Pereira Bueno, Therezinha de Almeida Silva, Zenaide Ramos, Virgínia Rodrigues dos Santos and Luciano Prudêncio dos Santos.

During the regular session, the Orchestra of the Assembly of God Church performed several songs under the baton of Maestro Marcos Cardoso Prudente and Maestrina Taísa Carolina Ignácio Tosta Miguel.

At the end of the event, the Pastor President of the Assembly of God Church of Pindamonhangaba, Euclides Vaz Junior, took the floor and greeted everyone present for the “wonderful moment of praise and recognition for our Church, which will be marked in our hearts”. Pastor Euclides stated that “these men and women remembered here today represent the history of our Church very well. “The Fire of God burns in us, the Holy Spirit has come upon us and therefore, my gratitude to Councilor Marco Mayor for leading the work of this evening, to the President of the House, Councilor Cal, who provided the possibility of carrying out this magnificent tribute, to the pastors who are here and to all who were here for this solemn night of praise and glory to our Church”.

Closing the pronouncements at the Solemn Session in commemoration of the “DAY OF THE ASSEMBLEIES OF GOD”, the President of the Board of Directors, Councilor Marco Mayor said he was “humbly moved by this simple tribute paid by this Legislative House to the members of our dear Assembly of God Church” . “Our gratitude to all the pastors, authorities, members and family members who honored us with their presence on this festive night”, concluded Councilor Marco Mayor.

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