Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son crashes Lamborghini and causes uproar

During a walk last Sunday (26), the son of star Ben Affleck, 10-year-old Samuel, was involved in a crash at a dealership by pressing a luxury car button, engaging reverse gear and hitting another car.

During a walk with the bride Jennifer Lopez and the son who is the result of his marriage with the actress Jennifer Garner – which lasted 13 years and ended in divorce in 2018. Affleck, who is known to love cars, allowed his son to sit in the driver’s seat of the luxury car, which eventually caused the “accident”.

The luxury car rental dealership, 777 Exotics and the car hit by the boy was a white BMW. The information is that the rear bumper on the passenger side of the Lambo came into contact with the front wheel of the BMW and possibly the fender.

A representative for the actor told the US website that there was no damage to any of the vehicles and no one was injured. Another employee of 777 Exotics also reported that the cars were parked very close together.

Son of Ben Affleck and the actor at 777 Exotics (Image Reproduction Twitter TMZ)

When is the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez coming out?

The couple in love were already dating in 2003, when they acted together in the movie the scammers. They met again in 2021 and resumed their romance. Since then, Affleck and JLO have caused a lot of controversy in their relationship.

In May of this year, there were rumors that the actress was angry with the groom, who was not excited about organizing the wedding ceremony. The information was published by the English website mirrorwho heard a source report that while the couple are looking at mansions to live together, the actor still hasn’t shown any excitement about their wedding preparations.

“They are still very much together and planning their long-term future, but Ben is dragging his feet when it comes to organizing the wedding – and it’s stressing Jen. It looks like Ben is happy to wait until next year to get married. He and his team have told people it’s going to be a pretty long commitment and they’re happy to do their thing without any stress,” the source said.

The 49-year-old actor was the protagonist of the film Deep waterswho marked his career with Batman and Gone Girl. The feature also starred Ana de Armas and is available on Prime Video.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (Reproduction/Twitter)

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