Cássio, top 10, was the best of Corinthians against Boca – 06/28/2022

In 2009, I wrote a book called “The 11 greatest goalkeepers in Brazilian football”. Even to facilitate research, I restricted the choice from 1950 onwards.

My chosen ones were: Barbosa, Castilho, Gilmar, Leão, Taffarel, Dida, Marcos, Rogério Ceni, Zetti, Félix and Manga. The editors had the last two replaced by Júlio Cesar and Raul.

If I were to make a new edition today, I would put Cássio. Undoubtedly. Not just for football, but for playing for so long for the same club.

He is Cássio do Corinthians, with almost 600 games, the fifth player who has played the most for the club. An icon.

Against Boca, it would be an exaggeration to say that he saved Corinthians. But even so, he made two great saves, one in each half of the game.

They are defenses that guarantee the result, especially on a day when the striker sends telegram, telex and smoke signal, showing where the penalty will be taken.

It was an equal game, in which Corinthians was harmed by not scoring another penalty, this one in Mantuan.

I liked Willian a lot and saw João Vitor very quarrelsome and nervous.

Bad news was Fagner’s injury, who was again playing well.

The decision was left to Bombonera.


But, it will be difficult for Boca too.

After all, Corinthians has Cassio. Giant.

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