Claro goes through instability this Monday (27) and users are without signal

customers of clear went to the company’s social media on Monday afternoon (27), to report signal instability in the city of São Paulo and nearby municipalities, including São Bernardo do Campo, Guarulhos, Campinas, Santo André, Baixada Santista and Ribeirão Preto.

According to the posts, in several regions it was not possible to find the operator’s network signal even outdoors, while in other places there was a signal, but without the possibility of using mobile data or making phone calls.

According to information collected by the downdetectora website responsible for monitoring services in real time, around 2 pm Claro had more than a thousand complaints on the platform, not counting the numerous posts on Twitter.

The main complaints were: mobile telephony (54%), no signal (39%) and fixed internet (7%), indicating that it was a failure that affected multiple telephony systems, including broadband – according to records in the site.

Complaints in Downdetector. (Image: Reproduction).

In a note, Claro stated that “it reinforces that its technical teams worked promptly to restore services, which are being gradually normalized.” However, it did not provide a forecast of when operations should be normalized.

As determined by My Operatorthere are still recent reports (less than hard hours) that state that instability remains in some locations.

In contact with a source in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, located 20 km from the capital of São Paulo, we confirmed the interruption in the signal in the afternoon of today (27), however, it was apparently normalized in SBC.

Complaints on Twitter

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