Find out if someone has accessed your Google account

Unless you’ve totally renounced life in society, chances are you’ll have some kind of interaction with the Google. From just having a Gmail account to using Google for everything like sharing files at work and even storing your own photos, nowadays no one gets away with having any contact with the company.

In this regard, chances are high that your Google account contains crucial personal information, making it imperative that you, and only you, have access to it.

Unfortunately, malicious individuals are always trying to get past your defenses to steal sensitive personal data. So, keep reading this article and find out how to identify if someone has accessed your Google account

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Although it is a secure platform, there is always a chance that someone will be able to gain access to your Google account. This can happen even if you try hard to avoid cheating tactics. phishing and use a very strong password. Therefore, it is important to be able to recognize and exclude any external and unauthorized access to your account.

What to do to find out if your Google account has been hacked

First, you can manage the devices linked to your account by visiting Google’s “security page”. In this sense, go to “Manage your Google account”, then click on “Security” and scroll down until you find “Your devices”. When doing so, you must select “Manage all devices”.

Devices that have signed in to your Google account within the last 28 days are listed here. If you notice multiple sessions running on different devices, don’t worry, this is very normal, especially if you have your account logged in on different devices. However, if you find any logins that you didn’t make, you must log them out.

Thus, you will be able to access information provided by Google, including the date and time of your first login, your last active session, the location from which that session was activated, the specific device used and the browsers, applications and services that were accessed during that session. session. Before deciding whether or not this activity was yours, carefully review the information.

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