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Thiago Galhardo will perform at the Parque Gigante Training Center on July 1st. However, the attacking midfielder does not intend to return to Inter. On the eve of his return, the former Celta player made it clear his preference for staying outside Brazil, but he will fulfill the contract if the scenario remains the same.

+ Galhardo has a return date and Mano wants to use it

The 32-year-old player gave an interview in the mixed zone of the “Prêmio Fui Clear” in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday night for several vehicles. The future, of course, was on the agenda. Galhardo’s bond will resume on Friday, if he doesn’t offer an interested party.

Asked if he intended to return to Beira-Rio, the attacking midfielder was sincere. He stated that the priority is to receive a new opportunity in international football. However, if he doesn’t close with another team, he will present himself to be available to Mano Menezes.

I don’t want to go back, no, but everything indicates that I do. I have a contract with Inter. It’s not a wish, but on the other hand, this time away made me miss my kids. I didn’t see them. That’s what makes me come back.

— Thiago Galhardo

Thiago Galhardo has a contract with Inter until the end of the year — Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Disclosure, Inter

Galhardo’s fate remains open. Mano had expressed an interest in using him, mainly due to the difficulty of the direction to hire a striker. However, it was known that the player’s plan was different.

– I wish to remain outside, to have experience. Here you survive Brazilian football. I don’t know what will happen. It might close something in the next few hours, the next few days. But the desire is to stay out – he added.

Even if you present yourself, permanence is not guaranteed. Galhardo, his representatives and management will discuss. There is even the possibility of the relationship being broken up six months before the end. On the 1st, inclusive, the attacking midfielder will be free to sign a pre-contract with any team to change the destination free of charge on January 1, 2023.

In his first spell, Galhardo played 82 matches, with 34 goals and 11 assists for Inter. In the period assigned to Celta, the numbers were more modest. In 34 games, he scored twice and gave his teammates two passes to score.

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