Globo will show the movie Minions

Globo will show the movie Minions at the Afternoon Session this Wednesday (29). Released in 2015, the feature stars Sandra Bullock, Steve Carell, Jon Hamm. Directed by Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin. The feature film will air after O Cravo e a Rosa.

Minions are yellow multicellular beings that have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from yellow single-celled aquatic organisms to beings that have only one purpose: to serve the most evil villains in history. However, after their ineptitude destroys all of their masters, including a T. Rex, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and even Dracula, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in the Arctic.

Sometime in the 1960s, the lack of a master leads them to develop depression, so Kevin and two other volunteers (Stuart and Bob) set out to find a new master, where they end up in a department store overnight, and accidentally discover a hidden commercial broadcast for villains announcing Villain-Con, a convention for all villains and supervillains in Orlando, Florida. The next day, they manage to hitch a ride with the Nelsons, a family of thieves. At the convention, they see Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first supervillain who unexpectedly hires them and takes them to her home in London. They phone the rest of the Minions to convince them to join. Scarlet plans to steal the Imperial State Crown from Queen Elizabeth II and promises to reward the Minions if they steal it and kill them if they don’t.

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