Google Maps Can Help Reduce Gas Spending; understand

Current gasoline prices across Brazil have forced drivers to adopt revolutionary economy strategies. Since 2019, this has been one of the fuels most expensive, with an increase of 70.6%. Therefore, drivers have been looking for ways to reduce spending on this item, such as using the Google Maps. If you want to know how Google Maps can help you reduce gasoline costsjust keep reading this article.

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How can Google Maps help reduce fuel costs?

Drivers in the United States had the opportunity to use the new Google Maps update, which allows them to check which route is the most economical. The calculation takes into account the speed of traffic as well as how long the driver would be on the road. In addition, it examines the type of soil and its elevation.

The issue is that the new feature has not yet been released in Brazil, although the likelihood is that it will be available soon. Therefore, it is still necessary to invest in other fuel saving strategies.

Tip to help reduce gas costs

Know that gasoline and ethanol are chemical substances that are exposed to external factors. As a result, for example, their volume changes according to temperature. The term “thermal expansion or contraction” refers to the process of volume oscillation.

So, if you fill up your car during a particularly hot period, the tendency is to put less liquid inside than necessary. In other words, it’s best to look for fuel later in the day, at night, or in the early hours of the morning. That way, the fuel will be more compressed and you’ll be able to put more in the tank.

If you still don’t understand the reason for this, we can say that, in a simple way, the more heat, the greater the expansion of the fuel liquid inside the tank. This, of course, makes it appear to have more gasoline than putting it in a cold spell, when the particles get compressed.

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