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Some Instagram users are unable to make Stories with the app’s camera this Tuesday (28). According to reports published on Twitter, the app has a problem that made the button to take photos and record videos disappear, so that the only option left is to import content from the gallery. Data from Downdetector, a platform that monitors instabilities in online services, indicates that problems with Instagram started at 6 am today and increased throughout the day. At the moment, complaints continue to rise.

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In videos and screenshots shared by users, it is possible to notice that the failure happens when trying to post Stories from the “+” button, available in the upper right corner of the application, and tapping the user’s avatar in the upper horizontal bar. Users who tried to drag to the side, in turn, were able to access the camera normally. O TechTudo looked to Instagram to get a position on the failure, but did not get a response until the publication of this article.

Instagram is not allowing you to make Stories with the app’s camera — Photo: Nicolly Vimercate/TechTudo

Data provided by Google Trends shows that searches for terms such as “I can’t make Instagram Stories” and “Instagram bugged stories” fluctuated during the day, reaching peaks in the morning. There was also an increase in searches for the keyword “how to post Instagram Stories on PC”, which indicates that people were looking for alternatives to circumvent the problem.

Downdetector graph indicates instability on Instagram — Photo: Playback/Downdetector

Users turned to Twitter to complain about the glitch and to find out if they were the only ones affected by the problem. “Instagram took the camera to record Stories or am I crazy?”, posted a user. “My Instagram camera is gone, I’m banned from posting stories,” tweeted another. See some reports below.

How to solve the problem in Instagram Stories

Users affected by the bug found a way to circumvent the error and post Stories with the phone’s camera. Just, instead of opening the section by the “+” button or by the avatar, drag the screen to the right. Once this is done, the camera button will appear normally. O TechTudo tested this possibility, which worked. However, as Instagram has not yet commented on this, it is not possible to know when the camera will reappear in the other two options.

This is the second time in two days that the app has had issues. On Monday (27), users who temporarily deactivated their accounts and tried to reverse the procedure faced difficulties in reactivating their profile. The social network displayed the message “There was a problem logging into Instagram. Please try again soon”.

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