It’s #FAKE that Gustavo Petro said that houses over 65m² will be shared with other families in Colombia | Fact or Fake

A message is circulating on social media that shows a photo of the president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, alongside a phrase attributed to him, according to which properties over 65 square meters will be shared with other families. IS FAKE.

An excerpt of the image circulating on social media reads: “The property in Colombia Humana will be for everyone“. Another excerpt reads: “Whoever inhabits houses or larger apartments of 65m² will be obliged to share the space with other families.”

Petro claims on his website that the message is fake. “The Petro program wants more families to own lots and houses.” He invites you to read his government program, which does not mention the measures pointed out in the fake message.

A search for these phrases in professional media outlets turns up no records, except in fact checkers such as Colombiacheck and La Silla Vacia. La Silla Vacia points out that the same false message was already circulating in the 2018 elections, when Petro ran for president.

The false image serves as a motto for messages in Portuguese that claim that Petro, a socialist, will share homes with more than 65 m2. “You who worked all your life will have your property shared with those who only stayed good. This macabre plan knocks on our door, we just need to stay at home, inert, having a beer and watching football.”

Gustavo Petro joined the guerrilla group Movimento 19 de Abril, known as the M-19, at age 17. In parallel to his role in the guerrillas, he graduated in Economics at the Externado University in Bogotá. The guerrilla group turned into a political party in 1990, becoming the M-19 Democratic Alliance. Petro was one of the founders.

In 1991, Petro was elected deputy for 4 years. Then, after death threats, he spent 2 years in Belgium, as an employee of the Colombian embassy. In 1998 he served a second term as deputy, but for another party he founded with other former militants who left the M-19.

He achieved greater political prominence when he was a senator between 2006 and 2010, he was the third most voted. He gained great popularity for making allegations of corruption. He revealed links between politicians and criminal factions, as well as illegal schemes involving then-President Álvaro Uribe.

He ran for the presidency for the first time in 2010, but won just over 9% of the votes. After the defeat, he ran for mayor of Bogotá, which he won. In 2018, again running for president, Petro was criticized for his friendship with the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. He was accused by the opposition of wanting to turn the country into a Venezuela. He lost the election in the second round to Iván Duque.

It’s #FAKE that Gustavo Petro said that houses over 65m² will be shared with other families — Photo: Reproduction

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How to identify if a message is fake

How to identify if a message is fake

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