Man gets drunk, sleeps on the street and loses personal data of 460,000 residents – News

A man lost the personal data of about half a million residents of a Japanese city after getting drunk in a bar and sleeping on the street. On the 21st, the unidentified man decided to drink after a long day at work in the industrial city of Amagasaki, and after that, everything spiraled out of control.

After the long drunkenness, the 40-year-old employee decided to sleep on the street – something relatively common in some regions of Japan – and when he woke up, his bag was gone.

Inside was a flash drive with the data of 465,177 city residents. The records included name, address, bank accounts and financial transactions—his company was a third party responsible for identifying eligible residents for tax exemptions.

In an official statement, the company BIPROGY, where the drunk works, apologized and said that the flash drive was encrypted, which makes accessing sensitive data very difficult.

After three days of crisis, the search came to an end in a simple way: along with a police officer, the employee himself found the bag and the flash drive inside an apartment in the city of Suita, about 10 km away from Amagasaki.

According to broadcaster NHK, there is no evidence of data access or any type of violation on the flash drive.

The incident overwhelmed the communication systems of the local town hall, which recorded around 30,000 calls from residents who complained or expressed concern about the loss of data.

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