Maurício Souza gives up philosophy in order not to take Vasco off the rails: “It doesn’t matter if the team has my face” | vasco

After two games ahead of Vasco, with two wins and in the runner-up of Serie B, Maurício Souza definitely doesn’t want to mess with a team that is winning. Known for a more purposeful game, the coach ensures that implementing his philosophy is not the main objective. This Wednesday, he leads the team in another clash away from home, at 21:30, against Novorizontino. Whether or not Vasco will play a game closer to the coach’s face, it doesn’t matter.

– Maurício’s face today, I speak with an open heart that it doesn’t matter if the team has my face, it matters if the team acts responsibly and wins the three points. More important than putting my face on the team is for us to make Vasco move up in the division – said Maurício Souza to the ge.

– Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I like a supported game, more positional, with attack elaboration, high block, a pressing team, but this is in the background from the moment I find the group very focused, defensively very strong. I don’t have any kind of personal project here, what I have is the ambition to make Vasco return to the First Division – completed the coach.

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Maurício Souza in training with Vasco in São José do Rio Preto — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

It is in this climate of “Vasco above all vanity” that the coach gradually conquers the crowd. And also with a Basque heart, as he had already revealed in his presentation. Last week, after his debut against Londrina, a video went viral of Maurício’s family going crazy with the team’s victory away from home. (see below). The image surprised the fans, but not the coach.

– I have a family that has always supported me, family members who support Vasco and who, mainly, support Maurício. It’s a common scene, it happened again against Operário, it was a hell of a party at my sister’s, my cousin’s house, my family is always in Vila Isabel and they are all that I have most important in my life – said the coach, who added :

– This change in the attitude of the fans is gratifying, it brings me happiness, a lot of peace, but what surprised me the most at Vasco, without a doubt, was the staff, the capacity of the professionals, the unconditional support they are giving me. We know that we need to keep winning so that the crowd remains on our side, to keep looking for our goal. It is a very qualified staff and gave me a lot of peace of mind to carry out my work.

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Maurício Souza's family celebrates Vasco's victory over Londrina

Maurício Souza’s family celebrates Vasco’s victory over Londrina

One of the subjects commented by the coach was Vasco’s offensive evolution throughout the championship, evidenced by the eight goals scored in the last four games. This improvement is now the main focus of Maurício Souza, who little by little manages to impose his characteristics, even though he does not want to change the structure of the team that has been reaping results.

– We know that we had to, even in homeopathic doses, seek an evolution in the offensive part, without ever forgetting what brought Vasco to this position, which was the very strong defensive part. Vasco has quality players, and we understand that we can keep the ball a little longer, develop the attack a little more, and that’s what we’re trying to do, without creating any kind of damage and competition with what the team already does. very good. I think the tendency is for people to improve gradually-he evaluated.

Maurício Souza looks at Vasco’s offensive evolution — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

The offensive sector has been the biggest focus of the coach in his activities. Since arriving at Vasco, Maurício Souza has been watching the team’s games in Serie B to identify the points that need attention and, from there, prepare for training.

– The focus of training is based on an analysis of the games, it’s a work that has already begun, so it’s important for me to watch the games, analyze the training sessions, see what we need to improve and what we need to keep. The trainings are in line with what we have seen in the games. Undoubtedly the offensive part draws more attention, but in training it has been going well, we have to transfer that to the games. Anyone who knows me knows that I like a supported game, more positional, with an attack elaboration, a high block, a pressing team, but this is in the background from the moment I find the group very focused and defensively very strong. .

“Every game is a story”

This Wednesday’s opponent is a novelty in the life of Vasco, who will face Grêmio Novorizontino for the first time in history. The home team’s moment is not the best, and the carioca team tries to take advantage of the rival’s oscillation to get its third victory away from home in this Series B.

Novorizontino’s performance at home in the competition is poor, with two wins, two draws and three defeats, equivalent to only 38.1% of use. To turn the game around, the club changed coach a little over a week ago, with the hiring of Rafael Guanaes, Cruzeiro’s assistant coach, who debuted with an important victory over Bahia away from home.

See the latest news from Vasco before the duel against Novorizontino for Serie B

See the latest news from Vasco before the duel against Novorizontino for Serie B

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On the other hand, Vasco has been playing well away from Rio de Janeiro, with two wins and four draws, an advantage of 55.6%. Only unbeaten and with the best attack in Serie B, Maurício Souza’s team will face the worst defense of the championship – Novorizontino conceded 16 goals in 14 games. Even so, the technician preaches caution.

– Novorizontino has just changed coach, he is a guy who likes to play with the ball, who likes to move around and who tries to control the game. What I’ve been asking is for us to stay focused, that nothing brings greater importance than delivery and donation. The victories have consolidated a work, but there are still 24 games to go, so it’s important to stay focused. The opponent comes from an important victory over Bahia, each game is a story and we will do everything to get out of here with the victory – concluded Maurício Souza.

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Novorizontino in Serie B: 14 games, with four wins, five draws and five defeats – 12 goals scored and 16 conceded (balance -4).

Vasco in Serie B: 14 games, with eight wins and six draws – 16 goals scored and six conceded (balance +11).

The coach ended the preparation of Vasco last Tuesday afternoon, at Anísio Haddad Stadium, in São José do Rio Preto. The tendency is for him to promote at least one change in the squad and give Palácios a chance, the club’s main investment this season.

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