Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly clarify marital status and rapper breaks cup in his own face when celebrating show success – 06/29/2022

06/29/2022 | 16:10

We don’t know what’s going on, says 36-year-old Megan Fox about her relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly after rumors that she made the union official.

On the night of the 27th, during the premiere of the documentary Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink, the couple finally clarified their marital status and stated that they are still not married.

– I think when I talk about terminology ? never looked like my girlfriend. It seems very teenage for the depth of our relationship, the 32-year-old rapper stated.

Megan added:

– He has all the names. No [não somos casados], we don’t know what’s going on. He’s on tour this year, when that needs to happen, the universe will open up and give us space to do that,” he explained.

It is worth noting that they have been engaged since January 2022.

Machine Gun Kelly smashes cup on her face to celebrate her show’s success

That’s about it and it’s ok! Machine showed that he was totally pleased to see his New York show sold out. To celebrate the moment, the rapper broke a glass of champagne in his face during an event.

– I don’t care, he said in the recording of the video that was posted on Instagram Stories. With blood running down his face, he let out his voice in the song Ex’s Best Friend.


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