Megan Fox’s fiance breaks glass cup on face

An unusual scene marked a performance by rapper Machine Gun Kelly, 32, during a party in New York. He broke a glass cup in his face and injured himself (watch the moment below).

“I don’t care!” he said into the microphone before hitting the right side of the face. Filled with blood, he continued singing. The moment was disclosed by himself on his social network. Earlier, Machine had performed at Madison Square Garden.

In the video’s caption, he wrote: “This is where things took another turn. Fuck it.” Machine is also engaged to actress Megan Fox.


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This isn’t the first time he’s spoken out. Earlier this month, he shocked fans when he appeared wearing a bloody syringe earring with a stone on the tip at the premiere of his new film “Taurus” at the Tribeca Film Festival in the United States.

The musician shared photos on Instagram using the accessory and with Fox licking the stone that is on the tip of the syringe. In February 2021, the artist said he was wearing the actress’ blood on a necklace pendant. Megan Fox, in an interview with the UK’s Glamor magazine, had already said that the two used to drink each other’s blood from time to time in rituals.

Watch the video and don’t try to do it at home:

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