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The night of this Tuesday, the 28th, will be marked by the holding of the Arraiá do Projeto Avivar, on the João Bastos School court, in Vila Vicente.

With great participation of the elderly, who took many typical foods and goodies, the first gang of the project was held and also the election of the Caipira Queen.

One of the elderly women who participates the most in the Avivar Project events, Niulva Coelho da Silva was elected the Caipira Queen and will parade, along with the people who participated in the gang, in Arraiá de São Pedro, which takes place from this Friday, 1 , on the site of the new road.

In all, 14 elderly women competed for the title of Caipira Queen and the choice of the first place had as judges: Vera Lúcia da Fonseca, Fabíola Medeiros de Freitas, Ludimila Bianca, Elza Pereira Braga, and councilor Jadeir Brum, from the village of Luciene

Candidates: Niulva Coelho da Silva (Queen), Benedita Fiuza (runner-up), Leni da Silva Almeida, Luzia Alves Barroso, Lindomaura Rodrigues, Amélia de Oliveira, Constância Mariano Cesáro, Edilsa Santa, Marlene Marine, Rosalina Valéria, Maria da Conceição Gomes , Jacy Maria Duarte Borges, Alice de Souza Melo and Enilsa Santa.

“I was very happy and moved with the arraiá, our seniors are to be congratulated for the beautiful party, but we want to highlight and give a special thanks to all our team, who have worked hard to do the best for the elderly, to the director of the school João Bastos , Rodrigo Cirillo and also to Patrícia Profirio who helped us a lot. But, mainly, to Mayor Enivaldo dos Anjos, who conceived this project to fully take care of the physical and mental health of our elderly and has given all the support so that we can do a worthy work of the elderly in the municipality “, thanked the general coordinator of the project, Cleidmar de Almeida Rezende, to Cleidinha.

About Revive

The objective of the Avivar Program is to provide adequate care to the elderly, with a multi-professional team, promoting the maintenance of functional capacity and self-esteem and contributing to active and healthy aging.

“Psychology aimed at the elderly seeks to promote the well-being of the elderly, helping them to cope with the emotional, psychological, physical and social changes that accompany the aging process. It is not always easy to assimilate and accept the transformations. Psychological support allows the individual to open up to the new possibilities offered by this phase of life, and it is essential that he understands the losses and gains and that he reacts positively to the changes that occur in the aging process”, explains psychologist Nathália Gama, who serves on the project.

In addition to offering preventive health activities, which are carried out at the Boa Forma and Barra Fitness gyms, as well as at the Vale do Sol Club and João Bastos Municipal School, within the program the elderly also have access to social assistance and medical consultations with a general practitioner, in addition to consultations with geriatricians, rheumatologists, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and others.

So far more than 350 seniors have registered. Upon joining the program, the elderly person fills in the registration form with personal data and data relating to health and medication use. And before starting physical and recreational activities, the elderly participant will be submitted to a medical evaluation to prepare an aptitude report.

The elderly – aged 60 and over – who wish to participate in the Avivar Program can register at the Surdine Gallery, next to Banestes, in front of Arlindo Pinto da Costa square from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, in the late afternoon, in the Zumba classes in the square.

You must present the following documents:

  • ID card;
  • CPF;
  • SUS card and;
  • Proof of address.

The elderly person must also inform the personal telephone number and two more contacts and the name of the medication for continuous use.

“The purpose of the Avivar project is also to promote and encourage the regular practice of physical exercises for our elderly, in order to provide a better quality of life and promote physical, social and mental well-being with the release of well-being hormones, such as endorphins. , melatonin, serotonin and dopamine. The more active the elderly become, the more benefits and security they will have in carrying out their daily activities, such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing, walking, among other daily practices”, explains the project coordinator, Cleidinha.

Modalities that are offered

  • Water aerobics and swimming Clube Vale do Sol
  • Aerobics: João Bastos Municipal School
  • Other Activities: Academia Barra Fitness and Boa Forma

Avivar Project Professionals

  • Coordinator: Cleidmar de Almeida Rezende
  • Physical Education Teacher: José Augusto Alves
  • Physical Education Teacher: Paulo Roberto dos Reis Júnior
  • Physical Education Teacher: Augusto Keller
  • Doctor: Eduardo Jório Machado
  • Family Doctor: Aline Simões Gama
  • Nurse: Barbara Flausino
  • Psychologist: Nathalia Cristina Alves de Souza Gama Rodrigues
  • Social Worker: Agraciene da Silva Veríssimo de Alcântara
  • Nutritionist: Arlete Pereira de Souza

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