North Korea reacts to Japan, US and South Korea alliance

North Korean state media criticized security cooperation between the United States, Japan and South Korea as a prelude to creating an “Asian version of NATO”.

Leaders of the three countries are due to meet this Wednesday (29) behind the scenes of the NATO summit in Madrid.

The Korean Central News Agency said in an article on Wednesday (29) that the formation of a security alliance between the United States, Japan and South Korea “is evidently a dangerous prelude to the creation of an Asian version of the NATO”.

The article goes on to say that measures aimed at irresponsible military confrontation “will only bring about catastrophic consequences of self-destruction”.

The news agency also published an article by a researcher at the North Korean Society for International Policy Studies. The text expresses strong concern that NATO could strengthen its engagement on issues related to the Korean peninsula.

A direct quote from the article reads: “NATO is responsible for bringing disasters to Eastern Europe.”

Noting that Japan and South Korea will participate in the NATO summit for the first time, the article states: “There are fearful signs that the sinister waves of the North Atlantic will break the silence of the Pacific sooner or later.”

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