Police recover 113 batteries stolen from telephone and internet company in Fortaleza | Ceará

The Civil Police seized, on the afternoon of this Monday (27), in the Vicente Pinzón neighborhood, in Fortaleza, 113 batteries stolen from a telephone and internet company. The suspect in the crime is an employee, who acted with an accomplice, who stole 109 stationary batteries and four lithium batteries.

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According to police investigations, during the installation of the equipment, the technician checked whether the power supply to the antennas showed any instability. If so, the suspect installed and even photographed the new battery at the site and, in a second moment, exchanged it for an older one.

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The crime did not attract the attention of the company because the technician calculated, in detail, the number of batteries that should be changed so that the power supply to the antenna was not harmed. The result is that users of the company’s 3G, 4G and 5G signals are harmed with a signal of lower quality than that contracted.

Also according to surveys by the Civil Police, the new stationary batteries, which had already been stolen, were passed on to a second suspect, who would be responsible for selling the equipment through the internet.

It was even the sale of stationary batteries that alerted the team at the Cargo Vehicle Robbery and Theft Police Station (DRFVC), responsible for the investigations.

The action of the police team also seized two cell phones and 40 invoices. All material seized by the police offensive was taken to the DRFVC and returned to the company.

The two suspects in the crime have already been identified. Now, the specialized unit investigates the information collected on cell phones and invoices in order to clarify the case and arrest the duo.

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