RansomHouse Gang Claims It Stole 56GB Of Sensitive Data From AMD

The group asks for a ransom in Bitcoins for not disclosing the data that would have been stolen by other cybercriminals

Cybercriminal group RansomHouse said last Monday (27) that it obtained approximately 56.25 GB of sensitive AMD data. The gang claims it acts as a “professional intermediary” for other groups, negotiating between them and the companies from which sensitive information was stolen.

According to Restore Privacy, stolen files include network files, system information and passwords used by the company. However, there still doesn’t seem to be enough evidence that the information actually belongs to AMD, although the company has started an investigation about the subject.

AMD is aware that a bad actor is claiming ownership of stolen data. An investigation is currently being conducted,” the company said in a note sent to Tom’s Hardware. According to RansomHouse, the manufacturer was added to a list of companies that “put their financial gains above the interests of their partners and that they decidedhide the fact that they were compromised”.

Gang Says AMD Doesn’t Have Good Security Solutions

The cybercriminal group also claims that AMD does not have good security practicesusing combinations like “password” to secure your networks. According to RansomHouse, the data obtained are the result of a security breach exploited on January 5th of this yearresulting in 450 gigabits of stolen data — or 56.25 GB. This value can be even higher if the group has written the information incorrectly.

In order for sensitive information not to be disclosed, the group requires payment of an undisclosed amount in Bitcoins and says it will end negotiations if groups like the FBI, NSA and CIA are involved. The promise is that the gang will delete all stolen posts and information as soon as the negotiation with the affected companies is finalized.

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security experts recommend that companies do not deal directly with cybercriminals, nor do they meet their demands — mainly due to the lack of guarantees that stolen data will actually be erased. Until the moment the situation is considered unverifiedas there was not enough evidence that the AMD theft actually took place.

RansomHouse started its activities in late 2021, having started acting as an intermediary for other groups in 2022. The beginning of the year was marked by attacks by the Lapsus$ group on Samsung and NVIDIA, in situations that exposed source codes of technologies such as DLSS. While there are no indications that AMD has been directly attacked so far, the company had exposed in 2021 the existence of Zen 4 CPUs thanks to a leak of 112GB of data stolen from its partner Gigabyte.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Restore Privacy

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