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On June 30th, World Social Media Day is celebrated! The idea came from an initiative by the technology site Mashable, in 2010, which invited people who constantly used social media to reflect about the important changes that have brought people’s lives.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) officially celebrated for the first time the Social Media Day.

Social networks, especially Instagram, have become a powerful marketing vehicle, especially for those who live off the media. It is often there that many personalities earn a large part of their income, as the artist Whindersson Nunes has already revealed on his own channel on the app. According to him, he earns BRL 20 million a month from advertising on Instagram alone.

However, some artists decided to stay off the trendy network. On this World Social Media Day, check out which ones don’t have a social media account:

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence, known for several films such as the “Hunger Games” saga, does not have a public profile on social media. She has a private one, but said that “no one would find her” in an interview with the website InStyle:

“I am a voyeur: I observe, I do not speak. There is always a lot of reaction. So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about everything. I really don’t want to welcome this unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to expose myself for no reason. Unless I’m promoting something, you won’t hear from me,” she commented.

Scarlett Johansson

Actress Scarlett Johansson also chose to stay off social media for a very noble reason. In an interview with Interview Magazine, she said in 2011: “I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook. I can’t think of anything I want less than to share my daily life.”

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson
Disclosure / Warner

Robert Pattinson, the newest ‘Batman’ and famous for playing Edward Cullen in “Twilight”, has no interest in joining the team with social media. In an interview during the 2017 Reddit AMA, he said that he only considers creating an account in “hard times”. In another for the New York Times, he joked that he was “too old and boring” to create content.

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura said, in an interview with Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, that he “has no vocation for social networks”.

“At first, when social media appeared, I thought it was fake. Then it evolved and I started to miss having a platform to say what I want, but I’m lazy”, he delivered.

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