Studio responsible for the most awaited game on Steam reveals that it has volunteers working on the project ⋆

Last month, as I reported here at MMORPGBRthe devs of fantastic revealed that the awaited The Day Before would no longer be released this year, as initially promised. So it is! The game had its premiere date adjusted and should only arrive in March next year (for PC). Anyway, as there are many people following the project’s evolution closely, a curious story came to light this week… let’s check it out?

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Last Monday, June 27, Fntastic revealed that it has a team of volunteers on its staff. In general, these helpers are paid with game codes and certificates, that is, they do not receive a salary. Regarding the activities carried out by this group of collaborators, the studio commanders confirmed that it is not about anything crucial, like dealing with code or the development itself. That is, unpaid volunteers carry out translation, moderation work or just act as members of a “motivation team”. In fact, the developer even mentioned that, since the beginning of the project, many people began to offer to help get the game off the ground.

If you are interested, it is worth noting that the Fntastic official website now has an area entirely dedicated to presenting more details about the volunteer program. From this address, you will be able to contact the devs to find out more about the opportunities currently available. Bearing in mind that the game has been on Steam’s most anticipated titles lists for a long time and, for many people, participating in a project like this, even as a volunteer, can end up being something beneficial. Still, the story is still curious.

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