“Trust me a little more”; Rueda confirms deal to hire ‘above average’ star at Santos


Santos president hinted that he will do everything to repatriate the star

- Rued
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Andres Rueda He is a very important president for Santos. Even with such pressure, the representative always made it clear that he would not do financial follies to reinforce the squad, even more so with several debts that the São Paulo club has in the short term and that need to be paid. Many defend the president’s philosophy, despite some criticism about the investments seen as bets.

This week, the news about Neymar leaving the Paris Saint-Germain dropped like a “bomb” in Brazil. Many Santos fans started a campaign for Santos to try to repatriate him and seeing that this is the golden chance. Well, Rueda escaped the commonplace and confirmed between the lines that Peixão is moving to try to bring the ace back.

Today (Tuesday) I received more than 70 or 100 messages about Neymar. Guys, this Deliberative Council and this management came from the same plate. You voted for this president and I hope you trust me a little more. Asking or thinking that we are not going to do something about Neymar is even innocence. But it’s not in the press that we’re going to talk. There are ways to do it. Here at the Deliberative Council, I’m sorry, I can’t comment. It has strategy. In the Management Committee we have some actions in this sense”, Rueda said during a meeting at the Fish Deliberative Council and the statements were highlighted in the newspaper “A Tribuna”.

Neymar always expressed the affection he has for Alvinegro Praiano and fueled a possible return in some recent statements. Fans are even more excited after this statement from the president. If there really is a chance to repatriate him, the São Paulo club prepares a good proposal to complete this deal.

Neymar conquered many things for Santos, became an idol and he wrote in the locker room that one would say would return. PSG has already put its name on the market and is awaiting offers. There is talk that Paris is even willing to pay half of shirt 10’s monthly salaries.

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