Understand why the Garcia neighborhood was chosen for Oi’s pioneering project in Latin America

It was at the home of a couple of residents of the Garcia neighborhood, in Blumenau, that the main current project of the Oi company began. For this, a diverse group of people gathered at the house: directors from Oi, technicians and also Chinese who represent the company Huawei, a global leader in information solutions technology.

The news was exclusively detailed for the report of O Município Blumenau by the regional director Sul-São Paulo da Oi, Giovani Cristiano da Silva, the Regional Planning manager, Alexandre Volpe Rodrigo, and the sales manager in Santa Catarina, Suzette Suely. Greuel.

Therefore, the first step was taken towards the expansion of the Oi Fibra X project, which chose Blumenau as a starting point. In a practical summary, the Hi Fiber X is a pioneering model of quality internet distribution for every room in a home.

In other words, this is a solution to the very common problems of weakening Wi-Fi signal depending on the distance between the equipment used and the modem, overcoming the physical barriers that interrupt the network such as walls and furniture.

As? Technology. Through the use of a micro-optic fiber, produced and supplied by Huawei, Oi technicians are able to bring the same quality of connection originally generated to all rooms of a house.

If the customer hires 400 MB of internet, for example, he can take the same 400 MB of internet to a room, even if the room in question is quite far from the modem.

Micro-optic fiber and AP

About six months ago, Oi’s local technicians specialized in the installation of micro-optic fiber. The wire is transparent and connects to equipment that is next to the modem. From there, the novelty started, first implemented in Blumenau.

Starting from the baseboards, the thread is routed to the user’s desired location. With the use of a tool that heats the fiber, it “disappears” on the wall. That is, in this way, it is not necessary that the structure passes through pipes or that there are perforations in the walls.

Inside the room, the fiber reaches an equipment called a access point, or AP. From this AP, the user can either connect a computer using a simple telephone cable or just use WiFi, which will have direct connectivity due to the proximity of the transmission.

Access Point, or AP. Photo Cristóvão Vieira/O Municipality Blumenau

“Our choice for Blumenau was because it is a technological hub and because of customer demand, who demand good connectivity in all environments. In just one week, through word of mouth alone, we have already completed half of the installations that we had made available, exceeding our expectations”, explains Giovani.

In Blumenau, it is already possible to hire the service, but it is necessary to contact the local franchisors directly. They are SW Telecommunications: (47) 98403-3590; Volt Telecommunications: (47) 98458-6274 and Ferreira Telecommunications: (47) 98472-9306.

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