“USP aligns itself with the Chamber of Deputies in the defense of human rights” – #Jornal da USP

This is what columnist Pedro Dallari says, reporting on the recent meeting between the president of the Commission on Human Rights and the pro-rector of Inclusion and Belonging

By Marcello Rollemberg

Last Monday, the 27th, USP’s Institute of International Relations (IRI-USP) received federal deputy Orlando Silva, president of the Chamber’s Human Rights Commission. This meeting, which also had the participation of Professor Ana Lanna, pro-rector of the newly created Pro-Rectory of Inclusion and Belonging at the University, is the subject of Pedro Dallari’s column this week. “The new Dean’s Office has human rights as one of its fundamental axes and Professor Ana Lanna spoke about USP’s commitments to the agenda presented by the deputy. Orlando Silva presented six topics on this agenda. The first one was the concern with the structural racism that persists in Brazil and that demands relevant and impacting measures to overcome it”, reports Dallari. “The deputy also brought to USP his concern about attacks on indigenous populations, either because of the denial of health care for this population, or because they turned a blind eye to the invasion of their lands. A third topic presented by the deputy was that of political violence, which has been growing in Brazil, in view of the elections that will be held in October”, says the columnist. “Orlando Silva underlined that the Chamber of Deputies identified a growth of more than 400% in the registration of weapons in Brazil from 2019 to now, which is a very expressive number. The deputy also highlighted the concern with the homeless population, which has been increasing significantly in the country”, explains the professor.

At the meeting at IRI-USP, Orlando Silva also expressed the Human Rights Commission’s concern with police violence and the precariousness of the prison population – Brazil already has the third largest prison population in the world. The sixth and final issue raised by the deputy and which concerns the commission is that of disinformation and the dissemination of fake news. And how can USP help in these cases? “The Dean underlined the agreement with the agenda brought by Congressman Orlando Silva and pointed out two ways in which USP has been dealing with the need to align with these themes. The University’s first conduct is the institutional commitment to mobilizing the knowledge it produces in dealing with this agenda in the social sphere”, says the columnist. “A second concern is that the organization and internal functioning of USP, in order to imprint values ​​on its community, express the relevance of this agenda, guaranteeing a daily experience guided by the principles of human rights. The University has a fundamental role in promoting human rights, which is the true code of civilization”, concludes Dallari.

Globalization and Citizenship
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