what is ‘silent pregnancy?’ Understand what happened with Klara Castanho

A news shocked social media recently. klara brown revealed that she was raped and became pregnant from the abuse, after what happened, the actress decided to do voluntary adoption and gave the child to “a family that loves him”according to the same.

One of the details that drew the most attention in the story was the story of Klara about finding out she was pregnant days before giving birth to the baby.

Even if in a more discreet way, it is important that the woman pays attention to some more signs “light” that the body can go through. Like nausea and headaches.

How does silent pregnancy happen?

gynecologist Carla Delascio, gynecologist and obstetrician from the Integrative Medicine Center at the Pro Matre Paulista Hospital and Maternity, spoke about the matter to the UOL website “Saúde da Mulher” and explained how this can happen.

“Pregnancy generates physiological changes. Some women may notice symptoms such as nausea, drowsiness, increased Urinary frequency and breast tenderness. Something that is also frequent in the premenstrual period”, says the specialist.

Silent pregnancy still doesn’t have much data on how it develops in each woman, so it’s still a very undecided topic for experts.

“Many people use the name silent pregnancy, but it is not necessarily silent, what happens is that the patient who becomes pregnant, she does not notice the changes due to a series of factors”, explains the gynecologist Fábia Vilarino for the G1 website.

Understand the main points of the Klara Castanho case

Klara Castanho stated that she became pregnant after rape and donated baby – PHOTO: @KLARAFGCASTANHO VIA INSTAGRAM

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