Acre invests more than R$ 7 million in technology equipment, vehicles and Cieps renovation |

On Thursday, the 30th, the state government held a ceremony for the delivery of works for the complex of the Integrated Center for Teaching and Research in Public Security in the State of Acre (Cieps), in Rio Branco.

The total work and other investments cost the public coffers R$ 7.3 million – being their own resources and bench amendments. In addition, Cameli and other authorities delivered vehicles and technology equipment – ​​as well as certifying military personnel.

Gladson Cameli – in his speech, said that he has been working hard to strengthen security agencies – with the support of the federal bench and the State Legislative Assembly (Aleac). “I don’t do anything without the support of control bodies and parliamentarians,” he commented.

Cameli thanked the work of the Detran, which should benefit almost 900,000 inhabitants. “Gratitude Taynara,” he declared.

The security secretary, Colonel Paulo César, gave specific thanks to the government – ​​which has been making key investments in the security of servers and operations. “Never before have there been so many investments. The Detran had never passed resources on to the government,” he pointed out.

The operational director of the Secretary of State and Public Security (Sejusp), Colonel of the Military Police, Ulysses Araújo, praised Governor Gladson Cameli for his work in improving security in Acre. Araújo, also recalled that the government received a scrapped state. “We received the most violent state and capital in the country. Today we have a more efficient effect. We have evolved in terms of technology. Never before have we received so much information and resources. This is the result of attention from President Bolsonaro, Governor Gladson Cameli and Secretary Paulo César ”, he commented.

During the ceremony, through the State Department of Transit (Detran), the government launched the agency’s application for Smartphones, in which users can issue debts, check scores, print the document or communicate the sale of their vehicle. The president of the Acre State Traffic Department (Detran/AC), Taynara Martins, spoke of her happiness in participating in the technological development of the agency in Acre. “More than 70% of services will be closer to people. It is another advance in the Detran, where since 2019 we have been making progress,” she said.

Taynara announced the transfer of BRL 10 million – from Detran collections for public security – of which BRL 7 million to Sejusp and BRL 3 million to the Military Police – for military uniforms. “The Detran not only collects, but is an essential partner for the population”, he concluded.

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