Agi has 77 vacancies open in Campinas: even for home office

Agi’s opportunities are in several areas such as marketing, credit, products, risks, most of them in the technology sector. Check out!

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Agi, a platform that encompasses marketplace, communication, technology and finance, has 77 job openings available in the region of Campinas. Opportunities are in several areas such as marketing, credit, products, risks, most of them in the technology sector.

However, despite being destined for the city of Campinas, Agi also offers vacancies in the home office modality, in which it is possible to carry out their functions directly from home.

In this sense, those interested in the opportunities must meet the requirements of the intended position and register on the Agi careers website. Find out more below.

Jobs offered by Agi

In view of the information presented above, check out the vacancies made available by Agi below:

  • Sr. CRM Analyst – Strategy;
  • Sr crm analyst – intelligence and CRM;
  • Sr. CRM Analyst – Creative;
  • Jr Credit Strategy Analyst;
  • Credit Strategy Analyst PL;
  • Junior FP&A Analyst;
  • FP&A Analyst PL;
  • Accounting and financial & operations control manager;
  • Alm desk analyst III;
  • Junior administrative analyst;
  • PL channel analyst;
  • Sr Credit Data Science Analyst (MRM);
  • Jr CRM Analyst – Salesforce;
  • Sr marketing analyst (press office);
  • PL-loan product analyst;
  • PL product analyst – consigned products;
  • Sr product analyst – loan;
  • Shopping assistant;
  • Service Assistant – Moraes Salles;
  • Backend software engineer Jr (remote);
  • Backend software engineer PL (remote);
  • Backend software engineer I;
  • Backend software engineer II;
  • Backend software engineer III;
  • Backend software engineer specialist;
  • Backend software engineer specialist (remote);
  • Backend software engineer Sr (remote);
  • Business partner analyst PL;
  • Product coordinator;
  • Core software engineer II;
  • Cyber ​​security analyst Sr (remote);
  • Cloud engineer PL;
  • Channel coordinator;
  • Billing planning specialist;
  • Frontend software engineer specialist;
  • Full-time MMA opportunities (remote);
  • Qualitative risk manager;
  • National executive sales manager;
  • Governance analyst III;
  • IT governance analyst Jr;
  • IT operations analyst Jr;
  • IT operations manager (remote);
  • IT services analyst PL (remote);
  • Full Product Owner – Intelligence and CRM;
  • Senior Product Owner – Channels;
  • Senior Product Owner – Open banking and Pix products;
  • Senior Product Owner – Debt and collection management;
  • Product owner Sr – Loan;
  • Specialist product owner – products;
  • Full Product Owner – Current Account;
  • Qualitative risk analyst I;
  • Qualitative risk analyst II;
  • Quality assurance engineer III;
  • Specialist software architect (remote);
  • Software engineering head (remote);
  • Software engineering leader (remote);
  • Software tester engineer PL;
  • Software tester engineer Sr (remote);
  • Solutions software engineer specialist (remote);
  • Talent acquisition analyst Jr;
  • Talent acquisition Sr;
  • Tech recruiter Jr;
  • UX designer PL.

To apply and for more information about each role, visit the Agi Careers website.

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