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Andreas Pereira wearing the Flamengo shirt at Maracanã — Photo: André Durão/ge

Four months ago, the clubs entered into an agreement to purchase 75% of the player’s economic rights for 10 million euros, to be paid from 2023. The handshake between Marcos Braz, Bruno Spindel, United representatives and the agents Kia Joorabchian and Giuliano Bertolucci in London restaurant, however, represented the beginning, not the end of the soap opera.

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With the Central Bank action as an initial argument, a series of questions began to be asked in the corridors of Gávea. Informed by the pressure of the fans, who had the mistake in the Libertadores final fresh in their memory, leaders raised doubts about the smoothness of the negotiation, the values ​​involved and, mainly, the reasons that led Braz and Spindel to anticipate the outcome by months.

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See Andreas Pereira's eight goals for Flamengo

See Andreas Pereira’s eight goals for Flamengo

The close relationship between Bertolucci and the red-black football department was on the agenda at meetings, and president Rodolfo Landim ended up pressured to postpone the decision on the purchase. even with the Central Bank process equatedvoices against the agreement with United grew, and the vice of finance, Rodrigo Tostes, even commented that the contract would need to be analyzed “with a magnifying glass” by the Fiscal Council.

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The decision about Andreas’ future at Flamengo took on political contours. It is not new that Tostes took on the role of antagonist behind the scenes to Braz, who for much of the first term fell to BAP. And the outcome with United ended up kept in the drawer.

In the four months between the “stay” at the meeting with United and Andreas’s farewell with a great goal in Colombia, the negotiation became much more internal at Flamengo, with United on hold and keeping the deal until the proposal arrived. from Fulham. The Ninho group defended Andreas’ permanence, while voices from Gávea slammed their feet against it.

The impasse bothered (and a lot) people close to and representatives of Andreas, who opened up to the market. The player remained firm in his desire to stay, to the point of agreeing to drastically reduce his salary in relation to what he receives in England to sign for five years with Flamengo.

Best moments of Tolima 0 x 1 Flamengo by Libertadores 2022

Best moments of Tolima 0 x 1 Flamengo by Libertadores 2022

With the power of decision, Landim even told Andreas that the agreement would be fulfilled, but the political conflict dragged on, the negotiation was on a back burner, and the deadline came to an end. Braz and Spindel still looked for alternatives in the final stretch of the contract, in vain. With a clause of 20 million euros and a free loan, the halving was already seen as the limit by the English.

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The main argument internally was that Flamengo will have difficulty finding a player at the level of Andreas and under 26 on the market for 10 million euros. Nothing, however, was enough to bring the board to consensus on the investment.

O ge tried to contact President Rodolfo Landim to comment on the situation, but received no response.

Andreas Pereira arrived at Flamengo in August 2021. With the red-black shirt, he scored eight goals in 53 games and was marked by the failure in Palmeiras’ winning goal in the Libertadores final.

— Photo: Reproduction

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