Bandeira de Mello points out which is the best option for Flamengo to have a stadium

The construction of its own stadium returned to the agenda of Flamengo and its fans. The imbroglio with Vasco and the transfer of Maracanã, with the involvement of justice, the state executive and councilors, brought the discussion to the fore again.

The former president of Flamengo, Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (2013-2018), participated in an event this Tuesday (28) and was asked about the topic. For Bandeira, the best solution for oi Flamengo at the moment is not to build a stadium from scratch.

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The ex-mandatory said that even with the intrusions, Maracanã still has the best cost benefit for the club. When asked by O Dia reporter Gabriel Orphão, Bandeira said: “Look, my preference is for the Maracanã concession and bidding for a long term. For 35 years to provide legal and economic security for the concessionaire, which I hope will be Flamengo.”

For Bandeira, control of Maracanã solves the question: “If Flamengo is the Maracanã concessionaire, it doesn’t need to build another stadium.”

The former president reaffirmed that no stadium has such identification with Flamengo as Maracanã. Bandeira said: “Flamengo has been playing there for 72 years. No other club has such a connection with the stadium. And it is impossible to imagine Maracanã without Flamengo.”

For Bandeira, a long-term tender would solve the immediate problems. He said: “With a new bid, whoever has the ability to win, congratulations. The concessionaire will have to bear the expenses.”

After the confusion with Vasco, Flamengo moved to explore options for building their own stadium. President Rodolfo Landim met with the city of Rio to discuss a possible agreement for the use of the Barra Olympic Park.

Mayor Eduardo Paes, however, took to Twitter to remind him that the area is almost completely private. The mayor wrote: “Always available to help any club in Rio but I would like to remind you that the Olympic Park is a completely private area, with the exception of some arenas. This is how we managed to hold the Olympics without spending public resources on the construction of stadiums.”

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