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Released in theaters in 2008, the romantic drama “Australia“, by director Baz Luhrmann, will now be transformed into a miniseries, a project that will be produced by 20th Television, which will be released later this year on Hulu (USA) and in the Star area of ​​Disney+ in the remaining international markets.

Entitled “faraway downs“, the miniseries will feature six episodes and was billed as an “expansion” and “reimagining” of the film starring Nicole Kidman (The Man in the North) and Hugh Jackman (Reminiscence). Luhrmann will use footage from the original film entirely, but will include a new ending and updated soundtrack.

“I originally decided to take the notion of the ‘Gone With the Wind’ style sweeping epic and give it a spin – a way to use romance and drama in an epic way to illuminate the roles of First Nations people and the painful scar. of the Australian history of the ‘stolen generations’. While the movie ‘Australia’ has a life of its own, there was another telling of this story; one with different layers, nuances and even alternate twists that in episodic format will allow us to explore. Taken from the same material, ‘Faraway Downs’ is a new variation on ‘Australia’ for the public to discover,” Luhrmann said in a statement,

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the movie “Australia”

“Faraway Downs” will expand the drama of Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman), an English aristocrat who travels to the inhospitable and wild continent. There, she reluctantly allies herself with a rough man, a cowboy (Jackman), to try to save the land she has inherited. With this man, Sarah will have to travel hundreds of kilometers to sell two thousand head of cattle, through a land that is both magnificent and merciless, unforgettably beautiful, a journey that will forever transform these two beings, who in everything seemed opposites.

Spanning four years of the impact of World War II, the film runs for two hours and 45 minutes. “Faraway Downs” will include six episodes but the length of each has yet to be revealed.

We remind you that Baz Luhrmann is also responsible for bringing the life of Elvis Presley to the big screen in the biographical film “Elvis”, which premiered on June 23 and is still playing in Portuguese cinemas.

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