before racism, Brazilian said he was jealous

After former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet made a racist statement about the seven-time world champion in the sport, Lewis Hamilton, a video in which the Brazilian admits to being envious of the Englishman due not only to his talent, but also because the athlete used to date singer Nicole Scherzinger, has resurfaced.

Through his Twitter profile, motorsport commentator Rafael Lopes retrieved the video in which Piquet interviewed Hamilton at the F1 Brazilian GP in 2014, when the former athlete admitted feeling jealous of Lewis and questioned his then-girlfriend. from English.

“I’ve been jealous of you for a long time. Not only for your talent, but also for your girlfriend,” he said, referring to the American singer. “Nicole, where is Nicole?” Nelson asked. “She’s home,” Hamilton replied. “Send her regards,” added the Brazilian.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger dated for seven years, but the relationship between the two came to an end in February 2015. At the time, the press credited the breakup to the distance between the two and because the singer had plans to get married, but the athlete not.


In a video interview with journalist Ricardo Oliveira, in November 2021, Piquet calls Hamilton a “neguinho” when comparing the accidents involving Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, in 1990, at the start of the Japanese GP, and what happened 31 years later, at the British GP. The excerpt from the interview was published by the channel Enerto, which specializes in motorsport, and had repercussions on the networks, with criticism of the three-time champion, whose speech was identified as racist (see below). The term when used in a derogatory way or with the intention of offending is considered racist.

“The little nigga [Lewis Hamilton] put the car in and didn’t leave [desviar]. Senna didn’t do that. Senna left straight away. The nigga put the car in and didn’t let [Verstappen desviar]. The little black guy left the car because he couldn’t pass two cars on that curve. He made a joke. His luck was that only the other [Verstappen] fucked up He did a hell of a lot,” said the three-time world champion.

After the repercussion of the statement on social media, Lewis Hamilton spoke out. On his Twitter profile, the pilot wrote in Portuguese that it is necessary to “change [esse tipo] of racist mentality.

“It’s more than language. These archaic mindsets need to change and have no place in our sport. I’ve been surrounded by these attitudes and targeted my whole life. There’s been a lot of time to learn. It’s time for action,” added the Englishman.

Formula 1, Fia and Mercedes also condemned Nelson Piquet’s racist speech.

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