“Braz really wants him”; Flamengo acts quietly to hire Brazilian rival striker and business heats up behind the scenes


Flamengo’s next commitment is against Santos next Saturday (2), at 7 pm, at Vila Belmiro stadium, in a match valid for the fifteenth round of the Brasileirão.

"Braz really wants him";  Flamengo acts quietly to hire Brazilian rival striker
© Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF“Braz really wants him”; Flamengo acts quietly to hire Brazilian rival striker

Flamengo’s board is looking for a striker in the ball market to replace Bruno Henrique, who will be absent after injury, and the executive sees Ferreira, from Grêmio, as the ideal name for the role. According to information from the journalist Jorge Nicolaon the ‘YouTube‘, is that the player is negotiating with the Rio de Janeiro team.

It is worth mentioning that in the transfer window at the beginning of the year, the negotiation between Ferreira, Guild and Flamengo was almost completed, just missing the positive signal from the technician Paulo Sousawho commanded the team at the time, but did not like the player for the course of the season.

“I talked to Pablo Bueno, Ferreira’s manager, and I can guarantee that Flamengo did not give up on hiring Ferreira. The player’s agent ensures that negotiations continue. Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel love Ferreira and, with the departure of Paulo Sousa, negotiations resumed”, highlighted Nicola.

Despite the team’s interest red-blackthe negotiations between the teams are far from the value intended by the Guild. Tricolor Gaúcho wants 12 million euros, but the Flamengo is willing to pay, at most, 10 million euros. “The problem is that, now, the deal has become more expensive, because Grêmio renewed the contract with Ferreira and the fine, which was eight million euros, went to thirteen”.

“Grêmio suggested to Flamengo a negotiation for 12 million euros and Flamengo said that there is no possibility. The trend is for the deal to come out for a maximum of 10 million euros. Flamengo’s idea is to take the place of Bruno Henrique, injured, with the arrival of Ferreira. The idea is to close as soon as possible.”, finished.

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