British presenter swallows an AirPod thinking it’s a vitamin

British TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp tweeted a weird statement last Sunday: “In other news, I just swallowed an AirPod while taking my vitamins, I don’t recommend it. I managed to throw up without having to go to the hospitalbut my throat is really sore.”

Allsopp, who hosts a reality show about buying a first home, has been criticized lately for saying that young people are unable to buy their homes because they demand some “luxuries” that in her time did not exist, such as Netflix or a gym.

As a result, the backlash from the Apple wireless headset incident was not met with as much humor as might be expected. Already annoyed with the presenter, reactions were divided. some said that she invented the story to regain popularitywhile others suggested the mistake was a ridiculous mistake.

Air pod accidents

Although the case may seem far-fetched to many people, the truth is that AirPods are not only present in the ears of people passionate about products with the apple brand. They have already frequented the intestinal tract of some users around the world. In February last year, a man slept with his AirPods, swallowed one and rushed to the hospital after feeling a blockage in his chest. In 2020, a seven-year-old also swallowed an Apple headset.

Amazingly, Allsopp said he only realized the mistake later, upon noticing that one of your AirPods was missing and made a checklist: “AirPods in my pocket, vitamins put in my pocket while I get a glass of water, threw vitamins in my mouth, swallowed water; go to the second moment: see an AirPod in hand, check the pocket, check the bag. Realize that there is only one place he could be.”

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