Can Yuri Alberto “steal” Luan’s number 7 at Corinthians? We check!

Striker Yuri Alberto, announced last Wednesday as a new reinforcement for the Corinthiansrealized your first workout this Thursday, at CT Dr. Joaquim Grava, and he even gave his first words as a club player.

Despite having already appeared holding a Timão shirt alongside president Duilio Monteiro Alves and football director Roberto de Andrade, the Sports Gazette found out that he still doesn’t have a defined numbering.

Many fans, after the image was released, began to ask the striker to inherit (or “steal”) Luan’s number 7 shirt, which has been unrelated for 19 games. At the beginning of June, the Sports Gazette revealed the midfielder’s situation within the club.

The report collected the information that it is possible to have, yes, an exchange of numbers during a competition. A recent example was the exchange between Bruno Méndez and Giovane – the Uruguayan defender kept the number 25 shirt, used by the young striker this season. He should get a new number soon.

In Libertadores, however, the procedure is only possible in exchanges of phases, since the numbering is “fixed” according to the stages of the competition.

In early June, the report found that Luan has been training normally, without any restriction or special guidance from the medical department. On some occasions, when he reports some pain, he undergoes hip prevention work, something common and within the schedule of any athlete.

He is the only athlete (except for Ruan Oliveira, who is in the DM) who has not played under the command of Vítor Pereira – now, of course, Yuri Alberto has not yet entered the field. In fact, he can only do that after the 18th of Julyat the opening of the transfer window in Brazil, if it is settled.

this season, Luan played in just three opportunities: played for seven minutes in the victory against Santo André, in January, still under the command of Sylvinho; entered the end of the victory against São Bernardo, in February, with interim Fernando Lázaro; and, finally, in his only chance as a starter, the 1-1 draw against Botafogo-SP, also that month.

Since the midfielder’s situation came to light, he has not been listed and has no updates on his medical status. Even with a team so lacking due to injuries, he has been off the bench.

Both VP, Duilio and Roberto de Andrade have already spoken openly about the player’s future: the club’s desire is to try to negotiate him now in the middle of the year.

Shirt 7 was given to Luan by Marcelinho

In January 2020, Luan, then surrounded by expectations for his signing, received the number 7 shirt from none other, none other than Marcelinho Carioca. The club, at the time, released a video, in which Marcelinho says that, at Corinthians, “the stuff is crazy”, but that “you’re sure you’re hyperprepared”.

Luan then replies that “it’s a dream that is coming true, to be able to play for Corinthians, the club I’ve supported my whole life”. Finally, he says he’s “sure it’s going to be all right.”

Marcelinho, the club’s idol, immortalized his name with the number 7 on his back. For the Parque São Jorge team, the midfielder won the 2000 Club World Cup, the Brazilian championship twice (1998 and 1999), the 1995 Copa do Brasil and the São Paulo fourth championship (1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001).

Luan, on the other hand, was announced in December 2019 after a great spell at Grêmio, when he was even elected the King of America in the conquest of Libertadores, in 2017.

Timão acquired him for four seasons at a cost of R$ 28.9 million (50% of the rights) and it has been very difficult, due to the high salary of the athlete, to find a club that accepts the player, even on loan.

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