Carlos Alberto finds out what his wife did hidden from him: “On her cell phone”

The doctor assumed what she had already done hidden from her husband and was embarrassed

During your participation in “Pod é Nosso”, new project by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, Patricia Abravanel managed to leave Renata Domingues, the presenter’s wife, embarrassed to have to assume that already snooped on her husband’s cell phone.

For those who don’t know, the lovebirds are in full swing on their new YouTube project and air every Monday with a special guest. This time, the heiress of Silvio Santos decided to give the air of grace.

At one point, the three played “I Never” until Patrícia Abravanel questioned if they ever snooped around on each other’s cell phones.

“I have never looked into my husband’s or wife’s cell phone”, said the presenter of SBT, while Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega lifted the negative plate. “Never?”, Patricia was shocked when she saw the answer.

Amazingly, Renata Domingues confirmed that she had already done so and looked embarrassed at her husband, who had no idea that this had already happened.

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega

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Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega (Photo: Publicity)

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The show’s official profile made a point of publishing the embarrassing moment with the following soundtrack: “You know the look of embarrassment I got”, the passage said, to illustrate the situation of Carlos Alberto’s beloved.

Renata revealed a secret involving Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega in a joke by Patrícia Abravanel (Photo: Reproduction)


While Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega ventures into a new world on Youtube, Renata relieves the stress of work by talking about light subjects on the podcast. She herself confirmed that Monday has been one of the most fun days of her week, precisely because of the new project.

For those who don’t know, she is a doctor and has to deal with heavy things in her routine, so acting with entertainment ends up lightening her week. The commander of Praça é Nossa claimed that his wife is one of the biggest reasons he is doing this new program.

Carlos Alberto and Renata (Photo: Reproduction/Youtube)

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