Dakota Johnson talks behind the scenes of 50 Shades of Gray: “Psychotic”

in interview vanity fairthe american actress Dakota Johnson revealed never-before-discussed details of the franchise’s troubled backstory 50 shades of gray. Among many problems, she cited the excess of creative power given to the author of the saga books, EL Jamesas a source of many problems.

“I signed on to do a very different version of the movie we did”said the actress. “She had a lot of creative control, all day, every day, and she demanded certain things happen”Johnson stated about James. “There were parts of the books that just wouldn’t work in a movie, like the internal monologue, which at times was unbelievably corny. It wouldn’t work saying it out loud. It was always a battle. Always.”.

Johnson continued: “I was young. I was 23. It was scary. It turned into a crazy thing. There was a lot of disagreement. I was never able to talk openly about it, because you want to promote a movie the right way, and I’m proud of what we’ve done, in the end, and everything happens as it should, but it was complex”.

In addition to ensuring that you never had any problems with Jamie Dornanas rumors on the internet have always pointed out, the actress complained about the replacement of the director Sam Taylor-Johnson by a man, for the second and third films in the saga, and assured that she has no problems personally with EL James, described by her as “a very nice woman”.

Assuring that he doesn’t regret making the films, Johnson admitted that, “If I had known at the time how it would all be, I don’t think anyone would have done it. It would be like, ‘Wow, that’s psychotic.’ But no, I don’t regret it.”.

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