Elias changed the camera for the steering wheel and “started” in a dream together with his wife

Leonardo Cabral on June 29, 2022

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Elias left the profession of cameraman and decided to innovate boldly in a brewery on wheels

In the current scenario, with a fragile economy, quitting formal employment and owning your own business may seem crazy to the most conservative, but for many Brazilians it is the chance of the dreamed of autonomy at work and financial independence.

There is no age limit to undertake, but the numbers show that young people end up coming out ahead. Second data from the Economic Development Plan – PDE, from Cidade Empreendedora, a program coordinated by Sebrae and which Corumbá integrates, of 4,715 individual micro entrepreneurs, 32% are people between 31 and 40 years old.

Part of this audience is Elias Bithencourt Fernandes de Almeida, 33 years old, who decided to leave aside the audiovisual area, where he worked as a cameraman for many years, to assert his desire to “run his own business”, betting on the idea of ​​bringing for Corumbá the Kombier- Cervejaria, the mobile sale of craft beer, carried out in a classic Volkswagen Kombi.

“When I set up Kombier, it wasn’t because I wanted more extra income, but because I wanted to leave the audiovisual sector. Most of the work was linked to the political environment and I no longer felt comfortable being there making images, even with the wonderful scenery we have in Corumbá”, Elias told Diário Corumbaense.

The desire to “go the other way” matured and the bet on a mobile taproom was supported by his wife, Michelle Ferreira Vilela Bithencourt, also 33 years old, who, even though she did not quit her job, became essential for the project to get off the ground. “She helps me with sales, but she stays at her job and that just adds up,” she said.

Anderson Gallo / Diário Corumbaense

The goal was to be where there is movement and, thus, the business on wheels was born

Although it is a daring project, the micro-entrepreneur pointed out that before “starting the start” he dedicated a lot to the feasibility studies of the project.

“This was my desire, to work with the sale of drinks or food in this way, in a practical way, in addition to offering people the opportunity to taste a very cold and quality drink, with comfort, wherever they are” , he explained.

Even facing problems in the period of a year of activity, little by little, as the entrepreneur is “gaining shooting” the idea is being perfected and the dream is increasingly taking shape and filling glasses wherever he goes.

“I learned that you earn by lowering your cost and not selling at a high price. My product is Premium, that is, it has a higher quality, as well as the price, however, I try to reduce the cost as much as possible to be able to offer the product at a fair price. I count on the help of my wife and the absence of the expense that I would have with the rent of a fixed point, guarantees my return”, analyzed Elias, who for now, sees the logistical issue of the product as the only obstacle, due to the high amounts paid by freight.

The Kombi that worked and the business that takes shape

Purchasing the Kombi and structuring it was the next step in designing the project that would become the family’s main source of income.

“After buying the vehicle, which is not old, but retro, we made a transformation and little by little the idea took shape. We buy the chopeiras and with almost everything ready, we provide all the licenses. Materials and bistro tables to comfortably accommodate customers were acquired and only then, following all the recommendations for commercialization, did we start the project”, recalled Elias.

Anderson Gallo / Diário Corumbaense

Kombier Choperia has already become popular with customers, said Elias

However, with the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, the Kombier-Cervejaria had to be parked, but even that didn’t “stop” the creator’s spirit.

“I kept the van in storage for a long time, but after waiting, with the gradual return of the trade, we started sales and today we are already in the taste of Corumbaenses, Ladarenses and even Bolivians”, said Elias, who already plans to expand the business.

“After a year on the streets, I’m setting up a differentiated physical space. We are going to have a container with a beer hall, with a skewer and later on, we have the idea of ​​implementing a Food Park in the same place”, concluded the entrepreneur.

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