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Content creators are now more likely to make money from Facebook and Instagram. This is because Meta has expanded and launched new forms of monetization on both platforms, especially Facebook Stars. The Estrelas program, which was previously restricted to selected breeders, is now open to creators who have 1,000 followers for 60 days. The feature is now available in Brazil and can be accessed through Meta for Creators.

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The company also took the opportunity to announce the expansion of NFT sharing on both platforms. The statement, made last Wednesday (22), says that the initiative aims to allow influencers to prepare for the metaverse. In the same text, Meta also says that it will not charge part of the revenue from Subscriptions, Stamps, Paid Online Events and Bulletin until January 1, 2024. Next, the TechTudo lists in detail all the news in the monetization of Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook expand and gain new monetization tools — Photo: Getty Images / SOPA Images

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Facebook Stars Expansion

Facebook Stars, called in Portuguese only Stars, is a program for monetizing content. Through it, fans can buy stars from the platform and send them to creators directly in the videos. It is possible to send 50, 200, 500 or a personalized number of stars; for each one, Meta pays the content creator US$0.01 (about five cents, in direct conversion).

Until now, the program was restricted to members of the Level Up program, which focuses on game streaming, and managed partners. The feature was also only available for Facebook live streams.

Facebook Stars monetization program expands to more creators and video formats — Photo: Disclosure/Facebook

With the change, Meta makes monetization available to any account or page that has 1,000 followers for at least 60 days, as long as it is in eligible territory — which is the case in Brazil. The profile must also comply with the partner monetization policies and content monetization policies of the platform.

Stars also integrate, in addition to Facebook Live, videos on demand and Facebook Reels, launched last year and which works in integration with Instagram Reels. Stars on Facebook Reels are still in the testing phase and are currently released to a limited amount of creators. The full release of the functionality will be done “in the coming months”, according to Meta.

New ways to make money with Facebook Reels

Last year, Meta launched the Reels Play bonus program, which gives money for playing qualifying videos posted on Facebook. The feature was restricted to guest creators, but this audience will be expanded.

From now on, there will be an application process to join the program, for now exclusive to the United States. Anyone who has at least five original Reels posted in the last 30 days and at least 100,000 reproductions in the same period can participate.

Creators will have more ways to make money with Facebook Reels — Photo: Disclosure/Meta

The company will also begin to remunerate videos posted simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook by both platforms. In this way, a person who creates a Reels on Instagram and publishes it on Facebook will also be able to earn a share of the ad revenue of both social networks. The change will take place “around the world, in many markets,” according to Meta’s official press release, and will cover members of the Reels Play bonus program.

Another novelty will be the launch of the “Paid Partnership with” tag on Facebook Reels. The objective is to make advertisements within the platform more attractive to advertisers, who will be able to convert the promotion into branded content.

Marketplace for content creators on Instagram

A marketplace for Instagram creators will soon be launched. The platform will act as a bridge between companies and influencers, who will be able to take advantage of the space to say for which brands and on which subjects they are interested in creating content.

The section will also allow creators to discover opportunities to partner with verified companies and manage ongoing deals. The platform is still testing the intermediation of payments within the app, so that brands can pay influencers through Instagram itself.

Instagram will have a marketplace for creators to find brands to partner with — Photo: Disclosure/Meta

Using the existing Meta Business Suite, companies will also be able to apply demographic and interest filters to search for influencers they want to partner with. If a creator posts content from a partnership signed through the marketplace, the publication will appear labeled “paid partnership”, with all permissions in that sense automatically granted.

The marketplace will also have a special section for exchanging DMs between creators and brands. The function will be rolled out in a test phase to selected US companies and influencers. The statement says the feature will be expanded in the coming months, but does not mention to which countries.

Interoperable Subscriber Groups

Meta is releasing a new feature called Interoperable Subscriber Groups. The aim is to allow fans from various online platforms to send payments to their favorite creators on Facebook; these, in turn, can give followers access to exclusive features on the same social network.

The platform will start testing the function with subscriber-only Facebook groups. In this way, a person who pays to support a podcast, for example, can be automatically included in the closed group of this podcast on Facebook.

At this time, functionality is restricted to select creators and partner platforms. Facebook says it intends to expand the platforms in the future, but does not mention when that will happen. The statement also doesn’t cite any major current platforms like OnlyFans or YouTube’s paid subscription channels, only smaller networks like Acast and MemberPress, a membership and subscription plugin for WordPress.

“Interoperable Subscriber Groups” feature will allow you to convert fans from other online platforms to Facebook groups — Photo: Disclosure/Meta

Facebook also announced new tools for creators who have paid subscription content on Facebook. From now on, the mobile app will give access to subscriptions and allow sharing a post visible only to subscribers, two features previously exclusive to the desktop version.

The platform has also added a publishing template to celebrate new subscribers, which can be shared in a post or story format, and now recommends high-priority comments.

Finally, Meta is expanding sharing of NFTs to more Instagram creators. The feature, however, remains in the testing phase and restricted to selected users, in only a few places in the world.

The company also announced that it will launch the same tool on Facebook, on an experimental basis, with selected creators from the United States. Meta will also introduce sharing digital collectibles on Instagram Stories “soon”. The digital items will be created with Spark AR, Facebook’s augmented reality software.

The announcement ensures that no fees will be charged for posting or sharing NFTs on Instagram. Creators will also not be able to turn posts of digital items into ads, at least for now.

In its endeavor towards the metaverse, Meta has produced a guide on the NFT and its importance for the next phase of web3. The text, in English, tries to explain the concept of non-fungible tokens to laymen and how to create and sell NFTs, in addition to being filled with digital art posts on Instagram.

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