Fluminense president Mário Bittencourt criticizes Vasco’s game at Maracanã: “Outside legal limits” | fluminense

President Mário Bittencourt was at CT Carlos Castilho to formalize the urbanization works on Avenida Arroio Fundo, the street that gives access to the Fluminense and Vasco training centers, in Barra da Tijuca. As it is a project that benefits both clubs, recent legal disputes between rivals over Maracanã ended up being on the agenda.

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The representative believes that the decisions in favor of Vasco are outside the legal limits and said that the damage to Flamengo and Fluminense is “absurd”.

– In all honesty, I consider this decision granted to Vasco, for this game, completely outside the legal limits, the contract and common sense. There was an investment of R$ 4 million to change the pitch, Flamengo didn’t play important games at Maracanã, Fluminense didn’t play important games at Maracanã, in the Copa Libertadores, he even rented São Januário to play twice there, in the second match it was requested our retreat.

– Now, I consider it absurd, inadmissible, we are going to have a huge loss on the pitch for a decision that didn’t put all of what I’m telling you. Botafogo and Vasco were never banned from playing at Maracanã, but the concession contract is very clear, the permission to use is very clear, the priority is for the clubs that manage the stadium and have their schedule to play in the stadium – he declared. mario.

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Mário also stated that the club is not bothered by the fact that urbanization benefits the rival. The representative declared that he does not see Vasco as an enemy, but regretted that Fluminense is not “seen, in some situations, in the same way”.

– Fluminense touched your project, your work, and we don’t mind that something we are doing for Fluminense ends up benefiting a rival, an opponent, we are not enemies. We only regret not being seen, in some situations, in the same way, but anyway, it’s a matter that is in the court, contractual.

In addition, he revealed a meeting with Flamengo on Friday morning to formalize the partnership for the next Maracanã bid.

– Flamengo, at this moment, is the main concessionaire, because in the old contract, Fluminense worked as an intervening party, I have already said in some press conferences that in the next bidding we will be together with Flamengo. I can already anticipate that tomorrow, at 10:30 am, I have a meeting with President Landim, where we must formalize our partnership, to continue with the stadium and participate in the bidding together. Fluminense, when I arrived here, had some debts with the stadium, we paid all debts, we have been fully up to date for three years, and together with Flamengo, we have a consortium, making good management of the stadium.

Mário Bittencourt at CT Carlos Castilho — Photo: Thiago Lima/ge

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