Google email starts working without internet

Currently, virtuality has reached practically all areas of our lives, starting with the work routine. For this, we always need to send a considerable amount of emails per day. Therefore, it is very common for the Gmail be one of your main virtual mail platforms, which shows that this news will cheer you up! After all, the Google announced that the service will work without internet for basically all of its tasks.

Curious? So check it out here how to use gmail offline.

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How does the Offline mode work?

Basically, the offline model ensures that you have access to most of your Gmail information even without an internet connection. That way, for example, you can review the last messages you’ve received just by clicking on the mobile app. In this case, there will be the most recent messages, and this will ensure that you have important data at hand, even if you are without a network.

Furthermore, all other Gmail inboxes will also work this way, such as the last emails you sent and even the spam folder. As for sending messages, the modality will ensure that you can write new emails and save them. Thus, the moment you connect to the internet, the submission will take place, without the need to access the drafts to submit. This will certainly ensure much more practicality for the daily lives of millions of people.

How to activate the function?

It is worth mentioning that only those who activate the offline mode will be able to enjoy this benefit. Especially because this configuration mode requires a certain space on your computer or smartphone, and this needs permission. So, if you are interested, access your Gmail account through your computer and then click on the “App Settings” menu.

At this point, note that on the top tab there is the “Offline” option, where you must click. Finally, check the box “Activate my email offline” and configure the limit of days for saving messages. Now, just enjoy continuous access to your email information, even without internet.

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