Google gives ten reasons to switch from iPhone to Android

Google released “Switch to Android” for iOS in April, an app that makes it easy to migrate data from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, initially to the Pixel. Now this feature is coming to all devices running Android 12, and Google took the cue to give ten reasons for iPhone users to leave Apple behind and embark on the Android experience.

The list of “10 reasons to switch to Android” was posted on the Google blog. See a summary of these reasons below:


  1. “Express yourself in new ways”: Google says it’s much easier and more practical to send messages with Messages, Gboard (which lets you mix emojis) and RCS
  2. “Video chat with anyone, anywhere”: via Google Meet, WhatsApp and FaceTime on “latest version of Chrome”
  3. “Tune your favorite song”: Google points out that “your music will transfer to your Android phone as long as it is free of digital rights management (DRM). Your Apple Music purchases and downloaded content will still be accessible on your Android device via the Apple Music app.”
  4. “Your favorite apps and more”: iPhone users find the apps they already use on Google Play and on the platform it’s easier to find new apps
  5. “Privacy First”: “Android fights bad apps, malware, phishing and spam and keeps you one step ahead of threats. Messages protects users from 1.5 billion spam messages per month. Android also provides timely recommendations, such as prompting you to select your location sharing preferences when opening an app, to help you make the best decisions for your privacy.”
  6. “More devices that work better together”: like Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TVs, and Fast Pair-enabled headphones. Google also reminds you that it is possible to pair AirPods with Android devices
  7. “Do more with Google apps and services”: like Google Translate and Google Docs
  8. “Share music, photos and more between devices”: with the Share nearby function between Android and Chrome OS, as well as with Google Photos
  9. “Customize your home screen with Android widgets”: Google will soon offer 35 widgets to Android, with useful options like quick access to Maps
  10. “Useful technology for everyone”: Here Google mentions its accessibility features such as the TalkBack screen reader for the visually impaired and the real-time transcription function for over 80 languages

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Google also mentioned the variety of hardware that runs Android, unlike options for iOS, such as foldable phones, for example. That and its three-monthly feature releases between “big annual updates”. Now only time will tell if these ten reasons from Google will really convince iPhone users (who are usually very loyal to Apple) to switch from their cell phones to an Android smartphone.

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