How to create Spotify iceberg and see your most played artists

You must have seen images of an iceberg with the names of several bands and singers on the internet in recent days. This is the icebergifya tool that shows the main artists you listen to on Spotify in the shape of a giant block of ice.

The idea is even similar to the Spotify Pie Chart, who turned his musical activity into a large sliced ​​pizza—or pie—each piece corresponding to a different celebrity. In the case of the icerberg, the premise is very similar.

The prank requires you to enter your music platform account and accept the requested terms for the platform to look up which artists you listen to or listen to often. From there, bands and singers are inserted into the iceberg according to the amount of reproductions of each track, putting the most popular of your streaming at the top, while the lower parts house the artists you still follow, but at a lower frequency. .

It is important to note that Icebergify it’s not an official feature of Spotify, such as the famous end-of-year retrospectives of the social network. Therefore, the tool can and will collect your data and personal information to create this type of graph.

How to make Icebergify?

  • Enter the official website of the tool and click the button create yours;
  • Then enter your Spotify email and password and login. After that, accept the terms of use of the site;
  • The page will reload with your custom iceberg.

Source: Tecmundo (Felipe Vidal)

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