Indiana writes letter weighing 434 m and 5 kg just to apologize to brother

A woman from Kerala, India, drew attention after choosing an unconventional way to apologize to her brother: she wrote a letter measuring 434 meters, which weighs about 5 kg.

It all started when engineer Krishnapriya stopped wishing her youngest, Krishnaprasad, a happy International Brothers Day. Annoyed, the man stopped answering his sister’s calls and blocked her contact on WhatsApp, according to the Indian website Hindustan Times.

Noticing his brother’s silence and grief, Krishnapriya decided to write the letter, in which he narrates the story of the two, emphasizing all her love for him. “I started writing on A4-size sheets, but I soon realized that it would be insufficient, as I had a lot to convey to him. So I decided to buy longer sheets”, she said.

It turns out that, according to Krishnapriya, she was only able to find “billing rolls” by asking for longer roles on the market. “So I bought 14 rolls. It took me about 12 hours to complete the entire letter, which measured 434 meters and weighed 5 kg,” she said proudly.

In the huge letter, started on May 25, the Indian woman wrote about her relationship with her brother and also narrated all the memories she has of Krishnaprasad’s life. The memories range from the birth of the youngest to his entry into engineering school.

Indiana with the 434 meter letter written to her brother - Reproduction/ Argus News - Reproduction/ Argus News

Krishnapriya wrote the letter to apologize to the younger brother

Image: Reproduction/ Argus News

“We have a seven-year age difference. So he respects and fears me like a mother or a teacher,” explained Krishnapriya. “We are very close and share a very friendly relationship. Growing up, we were like twins and even wore same-colored clothes on special occasions.”

Luckily, the giant letter had an effect on his brother and, after receiving the 434 meters of paper, Krishnaprasad said he was happy with his sister’s attitude.

“I was hurt and disappointed when she didn’t wish me Happy Brothers Day. I called her at the end of the day, but she was busy with work and I ended the call. After that, I blocked her on WhatsApp,” he narrated. “She must have felt bad about what happened and that’s why she wrote the letter. I was so happy when I received it.”

Now, according to the Hindustan Times, the letter weighing 5 kg and 434 meters can enter the Guinness World Records. That’s because, after reconciliation with her brother, Krishnapriya sent a request to the renowned record book to review the correspondence and eventually recognize the Indian with a world record.

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