Justice denies Flamengo’s appeal and keeps Vasco x Sport for Maracanã

Judge Lucia Regina Esteves de Magalhães, from the 15th Civil Chamber of the Court of Justice (TJ-RJ), denied today (30) Flamengo’s interlocutory appeal. With that, the match between Vasco and Sport, this Sunday (3), at 16h, is maintained for Maracanã, as already determined by the judge Alessandro Félix Oliveira, of the 51st Civil Court.

Tickets for Vasco fans were sold out in just six hours last Tuesday (28). The advance sale for Sport fans was suspended by order of the Special Battalion of Policing in Stadiums (Bepe) as a security measure, in an attempt to prevent Vasco residents from buying tickets for visitors.

Although the game was kept for Maracanã, Vasco was not able to lower the rental price, as he had suggested when he went to court. As a result, Cruzmaltino paid the same R$250,000 for the match against Cruzeiro at the beginning of the month, in addition to R$130,000 in operating expenses. Other than that, it will also not have a share in the profits of the stadium’s bars. At the time, the São Januário club complained a lot about the measures.

The imbroglio this time began when Vasco requested the transfer to Maracanã and the consortium that manages the stadium vetoed it. The club subsequently requested a reconsideration, but was again denied. In view of this, the case gained the legal sphere.

In addition to Cruzmaltino filing an action, the State Government, through the Civil House, notified Flamengo (permissionary) and Fluminense (intervening consent) to reconsider the decision. Councilors Alexandre Isquierdo (União Brasil-RJ) and Tarcísio Motta (PSOL-RJ), filed a representation with the Public Ministry (MP-RJ) against the consortium’s stance.

Last Monday (27), Judge Alessandro Félix Oliveira, of the 51st Civil Court, ordered the match to be held at Maracanã, and the following day, Flamengo’s lawyers filed an interlocutory appeal.

Anticipating the decision, Vasco carried out a petition warning that thousands of tickets had already been sold, and Flamengo countered by claiming that the supporters had not paid “a penny” for the tickets, information that proved to be wrong, since Most Vasco associates have plans where there is only a guaranteed discount on the ticket. Supporters from both sides also joined in as interested parties.

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