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Returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunderas the new heroine Mighty Thor, Natalie Portman talked about working with director Taika Waititi, who she revealed eliminated entire planets from the story.

During a recent interview with the American website Collider, the actress was very happy and excited to be working with the filmmaker, and how she appreciates the way he creates amazing new universes, even if they don’t make it to the final version of the film.

“The joy and sadness of a Taika Waititi project is that it creates so much glitter and so much material that the film could be an infinite number of things. And that inevitably means that amazing, hilarious, heartbreaking comedy and drama end up not being there. So there’s a lot. I mean, there are complete planets that are no longer there!”

Portman added that he strongly hopes that everything taken from the film’s editing room Thor: Love and Thundercan become a part of the blu-ray when it’s released, or be released in some way, as in her opinion everything should reach the public.

“I pray that it ends up as an extra DVD somewhere or that it comes out somewhere. Because I mean, yeah, it’s a very remarkable thing,” she pointed out.

Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) in Thor: Love and Thunder (Reproduction / Marvel)
Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) in Thor: Love and Thunder (Reproduction / Marvel)

After almost ten years away from the franchise, Natalie Portman is returning with full force in Thor: Love and Thunderbringing to the screen the story written by Jason Aaron for Marvel Comics, as he assumes the role of Mighty Thor.

The radical change from an unprotected and sick scientist to a superheroine of her character was pointed out by the actress as just a part of the whole story that takes place in the film.

“It’s amazing to see. I think that’s part of what an eye opener it is, when you see the final version and how many amazing artists work on it after what we do to create what the audience really experiences. Because most of what you see are effects artists. But interestingly, the goats we had were not created on the computer. It was a practical kind of sculpture that we had on set with us tongues out and all.”

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in Brazilian cinemas on July 7.

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